August 17, 1998

Taylor and Nicole are at Titan.
Taylor: Nicole, you won't see me.
Nicole: Which is why we're glaring at each other and having a conversation.
Taylor: You're good friends with the Bradys. Why would you worry about your
little sister causing trouble when she meets your boyfriend?

MEANWHILE, nearby-
Lucas: Go away, Eric!
Eric: What was that?
Lucas: The ever-insightful Bradys.
Eric: What happened?
Lucas: Your sister is trying to get me arrested just because I broke the law.

MEANWHILE, Roman and Billie are returning from Europe.
Billie: Bo just doesn't like Franco because Franco fell for Hope.
Roman: No, Bo is a cop. A good cop. That's why he successfully brings down all
those criminals.
Billie: Well, thank you for letting me help with your mission. It was good to think about something besides Bo.
Roman: When did you think about something besides Bo?

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are also coming home.
Marlena: I think Stefano was warning you and Hope by having Sami shot.
John: Why would we care if Sami was shot?

MEANWHILE, Franco and Austin are talking.
Austin: Where have you been, Franco?
Franco: I when to my trabel agen, an to lanch whi my fren.
Austin: Aren't you worried about Sami?
Franco: I done haf to caam efery time Sami calls me.
Austin: You DONíT?
Franco: But Sami really appreciates your suppore, an Carrie's.
Austin: We all know how much Sami loves Carrie.
Roman: (arriving) Who would want to hurt Sami?
Franco: You can' coun' that high.

End of Show
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