August 5, 1998

Sami is at Titan.
Sami: Franco, I surprised you don't want to live in Italy.
Franco: Yes, I obviously liked Italy so much I moved to America.
Sami: Okay. I just feel so insecure, like you couldn't love me.
Franco: Just because I spend my free time in strip clubs telling my friends how much I hate you doesn't mean you should feel insecure about my love.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is with a recovering Vivian.
Stefano: Vivian, let me give you some tea.
Vivian: I don't want tea!
Stefano: You don't want tea? You really must be sick! Rolf, you said that Vivian would not be harmed by the implant.
Rolf: Giving up tea will not harm anyone.
Stefano: Really? Then I won't drink it anymore, either. I was getting sick of it.
Vivian: Stefano, you never have a lapse of judgment. Locking people up in various secret rooms and having trouble telling your daughter apart from her double are perfectly normal actions.
Stefano: I'll help you with EVERYTHING, Vivian.
Vivian: Then what will I do with Ivan?

MEANWHILE, in Lugano, Billie has sent Lucille off to spy on Hope.
Lucille: Even though I'm all alone, I'll talk to myself in accented English instead of my native language, whatever THAT might be.

End of Show
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