August 3, 1998

Okay, folks, I think I fell asleep watching today's show, but this is the best synopsis I can do.

In Lugano-
Roman: I just got off the phone with the States. Sami and Lucas are in court.
Billie: I have to take my half-brother's side, although I've never said anything to him other than "I don't believe you."

In the Bayou-
Bo: You're shaking and cowering in a corner and hiding your face and not talking. I deduce that you're frightened (am I not brilliant)? Remember, though, I'm not a bad guy. The bad guys on this show are smart enough to get out of a place like this before Wayne and Earl come back to get them.

And at the hearing-
Sami: If Austin finds out I've been blackmailing his mother, he'll never speak to me again. Funny how he didn't stop speaking to me when I drugged him to get him into bed with me, told him he was Will's father when he wasn't, and kept him away from Carrie for four years.
Carrie: So Sami is blackmailing Kate. I wondered how she got that job with no experience.
Austin: We didn't have any experience, either.
Carrie: Maybe we're blackmailing Kate, too.
Kate: I hired Franco to come between Bo and Hope.
Alice: Why on Earth would you cause my granddaughter all that pain?
Kate: Because I'm a villain.
Alice: Oh yeah.
Franco: I'm sorry. I also apologize for hurting Jill and paying Jill and killing that guy on the island and making Sami even crazier than she already was by pretending to love her.
Lucas: We still have to hear from the shrink. I hope Sami didn't coach Will to lie.
Alice: Don't worry. Have any of us ever heard Will talk?
Gregory: This is irrelevant. Will doesn't know who his father is.
judge: In Salem, who does? Soon, I will decide the future of young Will Roberts. (later) I've mapped out Will's future. He'll rebel as a result of the early turmoil in his life, but he'll reform into a good person. Then he'll fall for a woman with a Secret, and they'll have a relationship. Upon learning her Secret, he'll develop amnesia, and fall in love with another woman who turns out to be his sister. But she'll introduce him to his evil twin, who will attempt to steal his life. So let's get started. He'll be old enough to date in about a year, right?

End of Show
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