July 31, 1998

The last synopsis of July . . .

At the hospital.
Stefano: Don't give Vivian an MRI.
All: Stefano could not possibly have an ulterior motive here.
Mike: I didn't know you were an MD, Stefano.
Stefano: I can get entire populations of midgets living beneath Paris to call me king but I can't get an MD.

MEANWHILE, in the Bayou.
Earl: Swamp thing, I won't let anyone hurt you. You're so lucky I'm here to gag you and tie you hands and feet and put you in a cage.

MEANWHILE, at the child abuse hearing.
Sami: I know you're a good lawyer, Mickey-
Mickey: What gave you THAT idea?
Sami: What if Lucas's lawyer brings up my past?
Mickey: Are you keeping a secret from me, Sami?
Sami: Who, me? Me have a secret? Naw.
Austin: (arriving) I support you, Sami, but your sister doesn't.
Carrie: Yes, I'm a very unreasonable person. Sami lied to me every day for at least four years to keep me away from Austin, so now I don't trust her.
Alice: I also support Lucas. After all, I'm his grandmother.
Lucas: The Hortons are great. My Uncle Mickey is representing Sami, so she'll be sure to lose.
judge: The hearing will begin. Dr. Craig Wesley, did you see Will Roberts at the hospital?
Craig: Yes, and I was shocked to learn that the abuser was the brother of Mike Horton, the chief-of-staff.
All: That was subtle.
Lucas: EVERYONE SHUT UP AND STOP LYING ABOUT ME!! You see, my hot shot lawyer Gregory has apparently forgotten to tell me not to act violent while I'm being accused of violence.
Gregory: Sami, you've done some bad things in the past.
Sami: It isn't fair to classify me as bad just because I changed my half-sister's paternity records and drugged a man to get him to sleep with me and lied for years on end. Loving Franco, that fine upstanding murderer-blackmailer-liar has changed me.

End of Show

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