July 20, 1998

Monday's Synopsis-
Sami comes to see Austin and Will.
Sami: (to self) I have to coach Will to say Lucas hit him. (to Austin) You don't think I'd try to coach Will, do you?
Austin: Well, I don't, but they don't call me Duh-boy for nothing.
Sami: What is happening to Will?
Austin: They think a psychiatrist can draw him out.
Sami: Like my mom?
Austin: Well, it wouldn't be your mom because it has to be someone Will doesn't know.
Sami: When has Will met my mom?

MEANWHILE, Will's grandmothers are also discussing the situation.
Kate: You don't know your daughter.
Marlena: I know Sami. That's how I know she would never, ever be deceitful.
Kate: I won't throw the word "denial" at you because I respect you as a psychiatrist-
Marlena: Why?
Kate: Sami hired Mickey Horton.
Marlena: Every lawyer takes the case of someone slandering his nephew.
Kate: Mickey wanted to help Lucas by taking Sami's case- he knows there's no way he'll win.

MEANWHILE, Lucas himself is at the Horton Center.
Alice: Hi, Lucas. As you see, I'm still on the show.
Lucas: Hi, Gran.
Alice: Do you have a drinking problem?
Lucas: Lots of people have a drink after a hard days work.
Alice: But no one works hard at Titan.
Lucas: You're right. I have a drinking problem.
Alice&Lucas: We at Days of Our Lives would like to say that we're very concerned about alcoholism.

MEANWHILE, Bo is STILL hanging out with the Swamp Thing.
SwampThing: Bo!
Bo: How do you know my name?
SwampThing: Because I'm somehow connected to your past, Idiot!
Bo: Oh no! I've been struck by lightening.
SwampThing: Lightening often shoots past tall trees to hit people in the chest.

End of Show

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