July 15, 1998

Bo is alone in the swamp.
Bo: Why is the swamp thing hiding out? Why won't she show her face? Why am I talking to myself? Why do I have nothing better to do than hang out in the bayou? Why do these other people have nothing better to do than chase me around the bayou? Why, why, why?

MEANWHILE, Roman is leaving Salem for an ISA mission.
Billie: Roman, why won't you let me come with you? Are you afraid we'll make love again?
Roman: Yes, that's it. I hate sex, especially with supermodels like you. (leaves, with Billie a step behind him)
Billie: (whiny) Roman . . . Roman . . . . Roman . . . . Roman . . . .
Roman: Hey! How did you get on my plane? I would have noticed if you'd been two inches from me my whole trip here.

MEANWHILE, John and Hope are also on a plane to Lugano.
Hope: I'm having a memory. I turned and saw . . .
John: WHO? DiMera?
Hope: Oh come on. Stefano couldn't be behind everything in every life in Salem. That would be boring.
John: Well, your life with Bo was never boring.
Hope: Yes, but circumstances kept us apart. Circumstances like my pretending I didn't want him, his pretending he didn't want me, my not letting him know what I was doing, his not letting me know what he was doing. (sighs) Circumstances.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital.
SocialWorker: Sami, I commend your coming forward about Lucas's abusive behavior.
Sami: Well, it had to be done, as much as I LOVE Lucas and would HATE to see him separated from his son.
Austin: Sami, are you sure that's what happened?
Sami: I can't believe you would doubt me, Austin. Just because I've never told the truth before doesn't mean I'm not telling it now.
Austin: Uhhh . . . yeah!

End of Show

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