July 9, 1998

At the Kiriakis Mansion.
Sami: Lucas, you can't play with Will. He's going to the park with Philip.
Lucas: WHO!? Oh, that's right, I have another half brother.
Sami: One day soon, Franco will love Will as much as he loves me.
Lucas: Will is that annoying?

MEANWHILE, at the hospital-
Nancy: I can't believe Carrie Reed found that woman when the police couldn't.
Craig: It's not like the police are stupid idiots or anything.
Nancy: Carrie must love Mike to go through all that trouble for him. No one would do something like that just because it happens to be her job.

MEANWHILE, at Austin and Carrie's-
Austin: Carrie, I want you to come back to Titan and relax after all that hard work. I'm sure Kate won't mind if you come to Titan and don't work.
Carrie: She shouldn't. I never did any work there before.

MEANWHILE, Nicole is at home.
Nicole: Hi, landlord! Just because you let me slide all those months I couldn't pay my rent doesn't mean I should be polite now. Oh, and I'm moving out, jerkhead!
Eric: (outside) Nicole can't live here. Nicole wouldn't lie about where she lives. She is a good, honest person.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is spying on Vivian.
Rolf: Remember, Stefano, you can't leave Vivian in a manic mode for too long.
Stefano: Just in case we missed that comment the last few thousand times you made it. (goes into the mansion) Lexie, I didn't expect to see YOU here. It's mot like I was watching you on a hidden camera.


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