June 19, 1998

Here is a very, very, synopsized version of Days . . .

Hope and Alice are planning the picnic.
Hope: We'll serve tea. With cookies for the kids.
Alice: Follow your heart, dear.
Hope: If Bo could commit to Billie, he would have done it by now. If Bo could commit to me, he would have done it by now. Gran, see if Bo will commit to you.
Alice: Follow your heart, dear.

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion.
Kate: Billie, the time comes for a person to be honest.
Billie: What is Sami blackmailing you with?
Kate: The time hasn't come for ME!

MEANWHILE, Bo is asleep alongside the road.
FBIguy: Hi, I'm with the FBI. I have nothing better to do than pick up bums sleeping on the street and hearing their life stories.
Bo: Oh, in that case I won't shoot you.

MEANWHILE, Sami is at Titan.
Lucas: I told you Franco was bad news. He's just using you as a green card.
Sami: Oh! Why didn't he just say so? We'll get married, and then he can help me ruin Kate!
Lucas: Whoops.

End of Show

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