June 16, 1998

Bo is at the Pub.
Bo: Hi, Will. I remember when Shawn-D was ten years younger. Yesterday, was it? I'm such a jerk.
Caroline: You are NOT a jerk. No one can control recasts.
Bo: I never gave a thought to my little girl. Good parents, like John, Marlena, Roman, think about their kids- well, I mean, good parents like-
Shawn-Douglas: (arriving) Can we go fishing?
Bo: No. I have to mourn your sister and all the time I never spent with her. It's awful not to spend time with your kids. Now go away.
Caroline: That was a beautiful father-son moment.
Bo: Shawn is my father, not Victor. And I want to be like my father.
Caroline: And I thought you wanted to be a vegetable that eventually gets written off the show. I'm so proud of you.

MEANWHILE, Billie is with Kate.
Kate: Your marriage to Bo was a sham.
Billie: I don't need to be reminded.
Kate: You don't?

MEANWHILE, Sami is spying on Franco.
Franco: You look vera comferble. I wanu make a toas. (sees Sami) To frens. I know you thaw I invi'id you to fo more than talk because I took you to a hotel room and haf been hitting on you all day, but no. I luf Samanda. I luf dis woo-man more dan life i'self.
Sami: (outside) Whoa! (falls off balcony; gets up rubbing her head) Who am I? I must have amnesia! I love Austin!

MEANWHILE, Austin is with Carrie
Austin: Carrie, we're supposed to be making up, not talking boxing.
Carrie: Why can't we talk?
Austin: One of us doesn't know enough words.
Carrie: Do you want to box?
Austin: No.
Carrie: Why can't you be honest?
Austin: We're in Salem.
(They arrive at the Pub)
Austin: Will says he wants to live with me.
Carrie: Why don't we ever see Will talk on camera?
Austin: Coincidence?
Carrie: Let's have a Brady-Horton picnic to take our minds off the conspiracy theories!
Caroline: I remember when you and Mike won the three-legged race.
Carrie: It was pretty impressive since I was a young child and he was an adult married man.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is up to no good.
Stefano: Rolf, are you sure Vivian can't wake up?
Rolf: Just like Laura couldn't.
Stefano: Wait, wait!
Rolf: Why?
Stefano: It's a soap. We have to stretch out the plot. She'll have no memory?
Rolf: Just like Laura.
Vivian: Don't hurt me! Who would have thought Stefano could be evil?
Celeste: (outside) Why doesn't Stefano answer the door?
Stefano: Because I just expect Celeste to barge in without my answering. If people didn't do that, no one would ever see their spouse innocently in bed with an ex.
Celeste: What's going on?
Stefano: Go away. (to himself) That woman is a pain in my neck.
Rolf: (wildly waving the drill) I'll fix that pain.
Stefano: No thanks.

End of Show

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