June 9, 1998

At the Kiriakis Mansion.
Roman: Sami, what are you doing in bed with Franco?
Franco: Hi know how dis looks. Like h'I'm involved with Sami so I can stay in the country and continue to manipulate your family's lives.
Roman: What?
Franco: Never mine.
Roman: Get out.
Franco: (leaving) Lucas! Lucas, shush oar face!
Roman: Wait! I've figured it out!
All: Really?
Roman: Nope.
All: Oh.
Kate: Roman, I want Sami to be happy.
Roman: Sami has manipulated both of Kate's sons, but that wasn't a suspicious statement.
Lucas: Mom, Stefano is on the phone. I hope to learn a lot from him.
Roman: Stefano can't teach you anything except how to chase Brady women who don't want you.
Lucas: Darn. I've already done that. Now I'll go check on Will. Although he may look different when I'm not drunk.
Billie: (entering) My baby's dead.
Roman: Bo, since you just lost your child and you're my brother and I love you, I'll just put a few guilt trips on you today.
Bo: Thanks.

MEANWHILE, at Salem Place.
Vivian: We will never not want Celeste to work at our publishing company. Never. She can help with the Cat in the Hat books.
Stefano: You will never work for her, Celeste. Never.
Hope: (arriving) Celeste, I want the truth about my past. NOW!
Celeste: Now as in now or now as in next year.
Hope: The second one.
Celeste: I thought so.

End of Show
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