June 8, 1998

Hope discovers that Alice still lives in Salem and goes to visit her.
Alice: I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Jack and Jennifer.
Hope: I thought they'd left town months ago.
Alice: No, they just left yesterday and you missed saying goodbye.
Hope: (yelling over her shoulder) Bye-bye, recasts, don't let the door hit you in the butt. Now let's talk about ME! I think I killed Billie's baby.
Alice: You can't change the past. Only writers can do that.

MEANWHILE, Billie is still in the country.
Billie: Bo, don't worry about Hope. Worry about ME! Me, me.
Bo: You're so selfless. I should never have left you alone. You're a woman, and women should never be expected to take care of themselves.

MEANWHILE, the Kiriakis Mansion is wondering about Billie's whereabouts.
Roman: Well, if Billie isn't here, is Sami here?
Kate: I think she's at work.
All: People in this family actually do work?
Lucas: No, of course not. She's upstairs.
Roman: It's my son Austin. Hooray!
Austin: Uhh . . . I thought you . . . uhh . . . thought I wasn't good enough for your family.
Roman: Well, I need someone to look smart in comparison to. Hey, let's see if I can turn this into a conversation about Doc and me. Doc likes her men dumb . . .
Sami: Franco, what are you doing here?
Franco: Well, let's see. You're not wearing much, we're almost in bed together. (silence) You still haven't figured it out?
Sami: I also didn't realize what was going on when you got that hotel room and covered the bed with rose petals.
Franco: Here's a condom.
Sami: I get it now. But you could have killed yourself climbing up that wall.
Franco: This is Salem. No one can kill himself. Or anyone else. Now, let me turn you into a naughty girl.
Sami: I would know nothing about being naughty. I'm a sweet, innocent flower.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital
Carrie: Sami says Lucas has a drinking problem. Everyone knows that it's perfectly normal to single-handedly keep several bars in business. I can't believe Austin would give credence to Sami.
Austin: (arriving) Credence . . . is . . . a . . . very . . . big . . . word.
Carrie: My sweet Austin.
Ali: (arriving) Mike, I hope you'll be chief of staff. You're the best man for the job. Who else could operate on Peter and not realize he's still alive?
Mike: Thanks, Ali. But remember, our relationship will not go anywhere until you get a past with a deep, dark secret.
Ali: I'll work on it.

End of Show
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