May 11, 1998

Hope is in New Orleans.
Hope: (determined) I am going to keep digging until the writers decide what happened to me while I was Gina!
woman: (entering) I knew you'd let me in your room, even though you've got psychopaths like Stefano DiMera chasing you. I can tell you what your life was like in the hospital. You tried to run away and were tied to the bed.
Hope: A recurring pattern in my life.
woman: You've changed so much since I last knew you.
Hope: I put a sweater around my neck when they fall out of my dress.
woman: I mean your demeanor.
Hope: A lot of people have been saying that. Then they mumble something like "Reilly" and walk away.
woman: (leaving) You sound mad. Bye.
Hope: (wailing) I'll have to face my past alone. Because it's not like a have a huge, supportive family, complete with several cousins exactly my age that have always been my best friends, that's rich enough to do whatever it feels like. And it's not like every time someone from Salem goes somewhere they run into the rest of the town.

MEANWHILE, Billie is at Bo's office.
Billie: Hi. I'm here to Pamper you.
Bo: I know I'm not terribly mature, but I don't need diapers.
Billie: No, "pamper."
Bo: Oh. Go pamper yourself. At home. Away from me. So I can lust after Hope.
Billie: You don't have to rescue her, you know. She's not some damsel in distress.
Bo: Um, Billie? This IS a soap opera.

MEANWHILE, Austin arrives to see Carrie.
Austin: I was . . . umm . . . thinking . . . umm . . .
Carrie: I'm proud of you, Austin.
Austin: Duh . . . dinner?
Carrie: Yes, I need time with the man I love.
Austin: You're having dinner with Mike?
(they arrive at the restaurant)
Mike: I like you, Ali. That's why I'm fantasizing about another woman.
man: Dr. Horton, can I interview you?
Carrie: Sure. I'm right here, Mike.
Mike: Enjoy your dinner. Don't help me.
Carrie: Enjoy my dinner while I'm talking to Duh-boy? Doubtful. You don't want me there.
Mike: That's right, I want you-
Austin: Uhhh . . . interruption.

MEANWHILE, at Vivian's dinner party:
Roman: This is an odd group of people.
Abe: Yeah, it's just those of us who don't have real storylines.
Roman: And I can't figure out what Stefano is up to.
Abe: What else is new?
Stefano: Vivian, your husband is dead. Is there a will?
Vivian: A Will? Yes, Sami's son. But we locked him up with the other babies in the Brady Pub.
Roman: Kate, my three children work at Titan. I don't want them to be in the crossfire between you and Vivian.
Kate: They aren't in the crossfire. They're holding the guns.
Vivian: Ivan, this is going well. I know Stefano is with Kate, but she isn't his type.
Ivan: There is a type of woman that isn't Stefano's?

End of Show
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