May 8, 1998

At the hospital-
Mike: Lexie, I can't keep hanging around Carrie. She's someone else's wife.
Lexie: When has that ever stopped anyone from Salem before?
Carrie: (arriving) Mike, was your Mom's hearing really postponed? (she shoves her chest in his face) That must be so frustrating.
Mike: You have no idea.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is at home.
Stefano: Someday, Elvis will understand his heritage. Not that it's that complicated, but you know how men from Salem are. And I do hope that Kristen raises him to be a true DiMera. She's such a sweet, honest, caring person, though; how can I expect someone like Kristen to teach my son to be a conniving criminal?

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are in New Orleans.
John: I'll never be complete. I'm not sure who I am.
Marlena: I'm sure that the writers will let you know as soon as they figure it out.

MEANWHILE, at the police station-
Abe: Roman, don't leave. It's not like I have my own storyline; I'd get no airtime if it wasn't for the Bradys.
Roman: Well, you know I like to be close to my kids. That's why I took off on a dangerous mission and never contacted them just when their lives were falling apart.

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion-
Sami: (yelling)Kate, I'm sure Lucas would love to know that you were a hooker.
Lucas: Luckily, I didn't hear that.
Sami: Where are you going?
Lucas: To the kitchen. That's where we keep the rest of the booze. I finished everything in the other room this morning.
Kate: My son is not a drunk. Sami is such a liar.
Stefano: (arriving) Let's go, Kate.
Kate: You two try to be civilized.
Lucas: We've had great role models in that department. (pause) Stefano, it's an honor to meet you and learn from you.
Stefano: Because you've never had anyone devious to learn from before. (leaves)
Lucas: I love that guy.
Sami: Yeah, me too. All he did was kidnap me and my brother and sister and our parents, at different times, and brainwash a priest into thinking he was our father, and repeatedly attempt to kill both my real father and my supposed father.
Lucas: You're just jealous.

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Kate are on their way to the party.
Kate: I still blame Vivian for that plane crash.
Stefano: Why? All she did was drug the pilot so he fell asleep in mid-flight.
Kate: Yeah. And she got all her money by sleeping her way to the top. Something no one else would ever do. (they arrive; inside the party)
Celeste: This is a strange place.
Lexie: A strange place in Salem? Stop the presses!
Vivian: I'm so glad I'm rich again! Although apparently I don't have enough money for a dress that will cover anything above my waist.

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