May 6, 1998

Guess what? I'm back from school, and I decided that it would be more fun to watch Days than to unpack. How much fun was Days? You decide:

Carrie arrives to see Jennifer and Mike.
Carrie: What's going on? I feel like I've just walked into the middle of a movie and I've missed half the story.
Mike: Well, we can fix that. We'll just show you all the flashbacks from the past ten years.
Carrie: Won't that take a while?
Mike: Nope. We only have one. We just use it over and over.
Carrie: Oh, good. So how are you dealing with your mom?
Mike: It's awful. There are reporters everywhere I go.
Carrie: We can get rid of the reporters.
Mike: How? They're my sister and brother-in-law.
Carrie: Oh. But I know what's *really* wrong with you.
Mike: (gasping) You do?
Carrie: Of course not. I was raised by John Black.

MEANWHILE, Hope is in New Orleans.
Hope: I hadn't realized I was so badly scarred. All I did was fall into a pit of acid.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are flying to New Orleans.
Marlena: Where are we going?
John: Here's a hint. (he gives her a crown.)
Marlena: Oh boy! Do I really get to be locked up in a birdcage again? I love you!
John: No. But where we are going is a secret. But here's a secret I'll never keep from you: I love you.
Marlena: Yeah, it would be awfully silly if you loved me and didn't tell me for years and years.
John: It would also be boring.

MEANWHILE, at Titan-
Sami: Franco, you haven't given up on Hope!
Franco: Ife give' up'hon Ope long ti'hago.
Sami: Go away, I don't want to see you.
Franco: Lah-kee for me, she cannah resist my charms.
Sami: I could resist your charms if I could actually understand what you were saying.
Franco: I can han-dle. Samanda Brady.

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion-
Lucas: Mommy, what's wrong? Is it Sami?
Kate: Lucas, you're the one who thinks about Sami all the time.
Lucas: Is it Stefano?
Kate: I'm not afraid of Stefano!
Lucas: Why the hell not?
Austin: (arriving, to himself) Sami said . . . uhhh . . . (runs hand though hair) Lucas was drinking. Ummm . . . Sami would never (exhales loudly through his hands) lie. Besides . . . uhhh . . . Will is not my concern. No one . . . umm . . . should be concerned for his nephew. (sees Kate) Has Lucas seemed, um, different to . . . uhh . . . you?
Kate: Since when do I pay attention to Lucas?
Will: (to Austin) Daddy!
Lucas: No, I'm your daddy. At least this week. This is Salem, after all.
Austin: (to Will) That's . . . umm . . . a funny . . . uhh . . . looking rabbit.
Will: I like it because it reminds me of my Uncle Austin.

End of Show

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