March 12, 1998

Must-Read TV! Thursday's Synopsis!

Eric is at home.
Eric: Home sweet home. Who knew I had a big, furnished apartment? And if I can pull it off, why can't Mike or Laura or Dad or Hope or- wow, this could take all night. So I'll talk to my yearbook. Jed drugged and raped Amy. (professional voice) We here at Days of Our Lives would like to say how concerned we are about date-rape drugs.
Carrie: (entering) Hi, Eric. Guess what? Sami made a spectacle of herself tonight. She went to a restaurant with a man, and, get this, then she ate dinner.
Eric: When will Sami stop doing that kind of thing? Oh, no, did she and Lucas go at it?
Carrie: For some unknown reason Franco took offense when Lucas shouted at the woman he was with that she was a slut. (pause) I certainly hope that he doesn't care for Sami. That would mean one less admirer for me.
Eric: You're Marlena's daughter, all right.
Carrie: Thanks. It's always nice to visit my favorite brother.
Eric: I'm your only brother. Well, sometimes you count Brady, but the whole family has decided to pick on John this week.
Carrie: It'll be someone else's turn soon.

MEANWHILE, Sami and Franco are in the limo.
Franco: I cannah understand why Austin dih nah fall in love with you.
Sami: It could have been the fact that he already loved Carrie. The fact that I manipulated him all the time. The fact that I raped him. The fact that I didn't tell him when I found out Will wasn't his son.
Franco: Nah, couldn't be.

MEANWHILE, in England
Ivan: Violet, I'm going back to the homeland. It's not so bad. And you don't have to rob graves.
Vivian: (from her room) HELP!
Ivan: Madame? What do you want me to do for you?
Vivian: Not what you want to do for me.
Ivan: Dang.

MEANWHILE, at Marlena's penthouse
Edmund: Will Marlena choose John or Roman?
"Susan": She'll keep them both dangling.
Edmund: How can you say that?
"Susan": Because I'm a very, very, very good girl, and I always, always, always tell the truth.
Marlena: (arriving) Hello, Susan. (pause) Did you check MY messages on MY answering machine? That sounds like Kristen. But I know you aren't Kristen just because you look like her and act like her.
"Susan": Should I go?
Marlena: No, you're like family to me now.
"Susan": So why aren't you ignoring me?

MEANWHILE, Lucas is at the Kiriakis mansion.
Lucas: Lynn, you should have seen the way Sami was guzzling champagne.
Lynn: And yet you are the one who is falling down drunk while she is completely together.
Lucas: I hate Sami. She's calculating and ambitious, unlike everyone in this room. And she doesn't spend enough time with Will. (I, being his father, am not required to spend time with him and am allowed to go out to the Penthouse Grill.) That's why Will is on her hip in practically every scene she's in. (Sami enters) Where have you been?
Sami: I don't have to tell you. You aren't my father.
Lucas: You can never be too sure.
Sami: You’re just jealous because I have a love life and you don't.
Lynn: I resent that.
Lucas: I don't even want to be friends with you. I want to be more.
Sami: What?
Lucas: Tell you in two or three years, when we've both been recast. (pause) So stop embarrassing this family.
Sami: We aren't part of the same family.
Lucas: (staring lustfully at her) Don't I know it.

End of Show

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