March 10, 1998

Hey, I'm about Eric's age and I don't know what to do with my life . . . why isn't anyone worrying about me?

Eric is talking to Jed.
Eric: Jed, I won't go back to Colorado while my family needs me. They didn't used to need me, back when my sister was engaged and my other sister was raped and my last sister was born and my parents got divorced and my mom got possessed.
Shawn: (arriving) What's goin' on?
Jed: You can't tell what's going on? You must be a Brady!
Eric: We're easy to spot. Grampa, get out of here.
Shawn: Well, Jed, do you know Sami?
Eric: Grampa, go away!
Shawn: Have you seen the pub?
Eric: Grampa, leave the vicinity NOW!
Shawn: I can take a hint. Bye. (he leaves)
Eric: You can leave too, Jed. My family has dealt with worse than you. You're nothing like the DiMera family.
Jed: (away from Eric) Just when you thought Stefano had run out of children . . .
Eric: You have only yourself to blame for your life.
Jed: NO, I blame YOU! I thought we had established that.
Eric: Sorry, I'm a little slow.
Jed: (in disgust) Bradys. I'm tired of dealing with them. I'm going back to Colorado.

MEANWHILE, the rest of Salem is at the Penthouse Grill.
Kate: Lucas, I hate watching Sami lounge around the Roberts Mansion like she owns it.
Lucas: (a drink in each hand) Kiriakis Mansion, you mean.
Kate: Whose side are you on? (flashes back over a few years' worth of blackmail scenes) Lucas, I'll lose your love if Sami tells what she knows; I care so much for you that I'll let you get sloshed and then I'll leave the building without a thought about what you might do or how you'll get home.
Lucas: (seeing Sami) She's so smug. Having everything you want because you cheat is no reason to be smug. She hurt Austin and Carrie. I of course am completely innocent of such things.
Roman: Hi, Susan!
"Susan": I didn't want to see anyone I knew, so I came to the restaurant where my circle hangs out.
Roman: We all wish you a long life and many children- without children there's just nothing to ignore. Have I mentioned how much Sami's happiness matters to me? That's why I broke off all contact with her for years. (sees Franco) Franco, if you hurt Sami, you'll answer to me.
Franco: I'm shaking.
Roman: Is it true you'd rather have Hope? Are you using Sami?
Franco: I was in luh wih Ope, but I'm not us-ing Sami more than she us-ing me.
Sami: Let's dance, Franco.
Carrie: (ripping Sami off Franco) You won't get Austin!
Sami: I'm dancing with Franco, not Austin.
Carrie: My mistake.
Sami: You always make mistakes with men.
Carrie: I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike I do not love Mike.
Lucas: Sami, I want to dance with you.
Sami: No.
Lucas: You are such a SLUT! TWO voluntary sex acts in your life! (he is punched out by Franco)
Edmond: I know I can't stand on my own two feet, but I'm going to try to break up a vicious fist fight.

MEANWHILE, Marlena and Roman are on their way home.
Roman: How convenient! A burning house! I can be all heroic and make Doc love me again. (dashes in)
Marlena: Roman! No! It's not like you have rescue training or anything!

End of Show
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