February 20, 1998

I actually really enjoyed Days on Friday (don't worry, I'm just TV- deprived). Enjoyed it so much I couldn't make fun of it? Never!

Bo and Billie are at I guess the Kiriakis Mansion.
Billie: What are you thinking about?
Bo: Me? Think?
Billie: If you were anyone but a Brady male, what would you be thinking?
Bo: I'd be thinking about how I want to be with the HORTONS! HOPE is a Horton! I want to be with Hope and HER family, not you and your insane mother.
Billie: (to herself ) Was that a hint? Nah.
Bo: How do you feel?
Billie: Bad. The morning sickness; not the fact that my best friend just died. Iím off to leave the room so I can eavesdrop on you and Kate.
Bo: Kate, why did you lie to me about Franco and Hope? It couldn't be that youíre manipulating things so I'll be with your daughter.
Kate: All I know is that you and Billie stayed in Rome a very long time. A VERY VERY VERY VERY loooooooong time.
Bo: Yeah, that whole marriage, I-love-you thing. Well, I'm off to see Hope.
Billie: Mom, I know you're just trying to help me. I would do the same thing for my baby. THAT's why I want Bo. For the baby. Really. For the baby.

MEANWHILE, John and Roman are working on Sister Mary Moira's kidnapping case.
Stefano: The woman Peter loves has been hurt, and he sits alone. Now how is this different from my situation? Maybe I should take a hint?
Roman: Stefano, how could Kristen find Susan when us men couldn't?
Stefano: I have no responsibility for Kristen's actions.
John: We all know that you're ultimately responsible for everything in Salem.
Stefano: It's not my fault the writers can't think of any original ideas. Anyway, John, I blame you!
John: (squinting) Me? But I'm John Black! I can do no wrong! Don't you read the script? (sighing) But I should have seen it coming. Although what can you expect? I can't even see a purple pillow.

MEANWHILE, Laura is at home unconscious.
Jennifer: Mom? Mom? Marlena, do something!
Marlena: If I were a doctor, don't you think I'd be at the hospital sometimes?
Laura: Am I dead?
Jennifer: What if you are? It's a temporary inconvenience. Now let's go to the Pub and see if we can make some more people pass out. (she and Jack leave)
Laura: Marlena, why are you staring at me?
Marlena: It's the hat.

MEANWHILE, the Pub is in mourning.
Hope: Why is love so complicated? Three sides is so many!
Lucas: Sami, I can't believe you want to use my half-sister's death to your advantage! Not that I ever acknowledged that she was my half-sister, but, um, hi, Austin! Are you okay?
Austin: I . . . still . . . can't . . . act.
Lucas: Don't worry, I'll carry the scene.
Austin: Will . . . Sami . . . ever . . . tell . . . the . . . truth?
Lucas: (laughing) Well, I can't carry a scene if you keep saying stuff like(dissolves into complete laughter, then recovers slightly) Sami, are you going to see Franco?
Sami: Stop worrying about my life.
Lucas: I can't. I don't have one of my own.
Franco: Samee, whe cah nah haf a relashaship hif hue done trus me. I shouteach hue ha lesson abou frenship.
Caroline: Sami, let him see your vulnerable side.
Sami: So he can manipulate me?
Caroline: Just for variety's sake.
Jack: (entering) Everybody sit down!
Jennifer: (entering) Did anybody miss me?
All: NO!!!

End of Show

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