January 16, 1998

Here is one more synopsis before I go back to school. I hope everyone has fun until I see you on spring break. :-)

Laura is with Celeste.
Celeste: Calm down, Laura.
Laura: I'm glad I'm not psychic. The hats, the accent; I just couldn't do it.
Celeste: Calm down, Laura.
Laura: But my poor family- oh no, it's the FBI.
Celeste: Calm down, Laura.
FBIguy: We won't shoot the five-year-old on purpose. But you know how competent we Salem police types are.
Laura faints.
Celeste: Calm down, Laura.

MEANWHILE, Jack and Jennifer have been spotted.
Jack: It's the FBI!!!!! Take that wig off Abby so she'll be more recognizable!!!!
FBI1: Look for kids.
FBI2: There are hardly ever kids at a circus.
FBI1: Here's one! (he grabs a six foot tall man who turns around and slugs him)
FBI2: That was an easy mistake.
Jennifer: Thank you, Adam and Jasper, for saving our lives.
Abby: They wanted to kill us?
Jennifer: Ummmm . . .
Abby: I miss Austin all of a sudden.
Jasper: I hope you stay with the circus. So does Ernesto.
Jennifer: Jack, Ernesto even invited us to go on his cruise ship. I got so excited I called Hope. She said to watch out for those pits of acid.

MEANWHILE, Peter is in the secret room with Stefano.
Stefano: My best men are looking for Jennifer. Except for the ones looking for Susan. And the ones spying on Marlena. And the ones watching John. And the ones in Europe.
Peter: Let ME look for her.
Stefano: No. You will hurt someone. I'm very concerned about hurting people. Iíve never killed anyone, except those few hundred.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are at Alice's.
Bo: Hope, I've been trying to tell you that I've wanted to tell you but there isnít enough time and it shouldn't take me long to tell you that I've wanted you to know because you didn't know, but I get interrupted and I want to tell you this, you have to know, it shouldn't take long, I don't know why I'm always interrupted because I have to tell you something that really shouldn't take long to say, I mean, the way we always get interrupted you'd think I wanted to tell you something long and complicated, but I want to tell you I love you.
Hope: Good. Now let's promise not to withhold anything from each other ever again.
Bo: Then how will people know who we are?

MEANWHILE, Billie has fainted.
Franco: Beelee, is Franco. Wha happa? (to Sami) She wone answer.
Sami: That's because she's not conscious.
Franco: You're so smar. Les geh Beelee to the ospe-dal. Did his da perfect appartunity to brink Bo to her site. An I wone loose Ope. I luff her.
Billie: (flashback) Bo, I know you avoid me like the plague and all, but do you love me?
Bo: (flashback) Nope. Wouldn't have gone near you if I'd known I could have Hope. I've always known that. All those times I said I loved you, all those times I said I wanted you near Shawn-D, all those times I said Gina wasn't Hope and if she was it didn't matter, that time when we were all on the boat and I said I chose you- LIES! I'm such a nice guy. No
wonder women are always chasing me.
Billie: (flashback) Well, I won't be like Sami. Or like Mike. Did you know Carrie and Mike danced at the benefit and made poor Austin sing "How do I Live" for them?
Bo: (flashback) He can remember so many words?
Billie: (flashback) He improvised.
Austin: (flashback within flashback, singing)

How do I
get through the night without you
if I had to live without you
and lived instead with Sami?
and I
need you to help me tie my shoes
they'll be velcro if I lose you
if you ever go
Carrie, you will take away everything
real in my brain
and tell me now
how do I live without you?
Carrie, don't go.
how do I breathe without you?
I'm stupid, you know.
how do I ever, ever survive
how do I, oh how do I live?
Without you
there'd be no one to forget
there would be no one to have sex
what kind of world would that be?
And Mike
he would be everything I'm not
'cause he'd think of you a lot
why would you want Mike?
Carrie, he has a vocabulary
bigger than "uh"
and tell me now . . .

Billie: (now awake) Where am I?
Mike: The hospital. Don't worry. Those flashback-within-flashbacks can be really traumatic, especially when one of the flashbacks didn't even happen.
Billie: So what's wrong?
Mike: You're pregnant.
Billie: Oops. Guess I'll have to be like Sami after all.

End of Show

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