January 8, 1998

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your e-mails and message board posts. Just for you, here is Thursday's Synopsis.

Billie wakes up.
Billie: Bo, you're still here. What a shocker! A Salem guy waking up with the woman he's married to.
Bo: Yikes! Etiquette breach there. Gotta go. The bad guys don't rest; you know that.
Billie: I don't know it yet, but Franco and Mom are teaching me.
(Bo goes to the office)
Abe: Whoa! Bo, you have a job.
Bo: You do, too. I can't believe it.
Abe: I wish we had a clue where Jack and Jen are headed. I mean, we canít suspect the Grand Canyon because they all but told us that, and that isn't much of a hint.
Bo: Maybe we can find Peter and get the order off Jack's head. He won't be dangerous if Peter isn't out there.
Abe: He's so dangerous now. I'm making Lexie stay inside.
Bo: Let's tap the DiMera phone lines.
Abe: Don't be silly. We only tap the phone lines of CRIMINALS- like Laura.
Bo: (answering phone) Hello?
Hope: (on phone) Bo, I don't want to interrupt your work. That's why Iím calling you.
(As she hangs up, Franco arrives to see her.)
Franco: Hows nantyea sof'har?
Hope: It would be fine if Billie hadn't had the gall to faint! She collapsed at that party! No one has worse luck than me.
Franco: Woul Beelee pr'ten to fain to keep hue an Bo apar?
Hope: Maybe. But I don't see why she worries about that drug addiction. So she loses some credibility and gets jeered at in the street. That's nothing compared to not having a man you've repeatedly pushed away!

MEANWHILE, Roman is in the hospital.
John: Doc, you must be beat. Crying, ignoring your job, gasping . . .
Marlena: (bravely) Somebody has to do it.
John: Well, I'll sit with you. I'm sure I don't drive up the blood pressure of the man who thinks I ruined his life. No, he can't think that; he doesn't say so. And I don't lie to him- wait, never mind.
Marlena: He may never get well enough for us to marry.
John: So that means we won't marry?
Marlena: You're so quick. That's why I love you.
John: Come here. (they hug)
Roman: (in his head) John, I wish I could shut you up. And THAT is a fact.

MEANWHILE, Susan arrives in England.
Susan: I'm all alone.
woman: You don't have family here?
Susan: Do I sound like I have family here?
woman: I'm sorry. I'm not too bright. It's just that years ago, before my son was born, I was traveling through the states, in this strange town in the midwest, and I met a man and- what do you need?
Susan: Protection.
woman: Pro-what?
Susan: (exasperated) Never mind. Is this your son? I'm in love!
man: I love you, too. My name is Count Anthony DiMer-
Susan: OH NO!!

End of Show

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