January 7, 1998

Laura is moping over Jack and Jennifer.
Hope: Hi, Laura. No, Shawn-D isn't here; he wanted to stay at the Pub for another night.
Laura: He'd rather be at the Pub than with his mother?
Hope: (sighing) I know, just because I forgot to feed him for a few months . .. Any news on Jennifer?
Laura: I wish she wasn't in so much danger. I don't think she can calculate the risks. It's not like she's had any practice getting into life-threatening danger with Jack.
Hope: Bo and John would have protected them, Laura.
Laura: Kinda like John's always protecting Marlena from Stefano and Bo protected Billie from Max?
Abe: (entering) Laura, what you're doing for Jack and Jen isn't legal.
Laura: Hmm. I'm doing something illegal. That means you'll arrest someone else, right? Take Hope. She hasn't broken the law lately.

MEANWHILE, Jack and Jennifer are on the run.
Jack: Let me do this alone. Your being here is stupid.
Jennifer: No, stupid we be like if we, say, hypothetically, joined a circus or something.

MEANWHILE, the Bradys are at Roman's bedside.
Roman: No . . . Doc . . . no . . . Doc.
Eric: What is it, boy?
Mike: I think he wants us to follow him!
Eric: Maybe he was out fishing once, and he fell in the water because there was no dock.
Kristen: (grabbing Eric away) Eric? What happened?
Eric: Kristen wants to know how my father ended up in emotional distress. Kristen would benefit from my father being sick because she's after the man my mother is with. Therefore, I can discern that Kristen did not cause my father's condition.
Kimberly: You're a true Brady.
Sami: I want to see my daddy.
Carrie: Tomorrow. Eric is with him.
Sami: (whining) Eric already had a turn.
Eric: Ha ha. (they fight)
Kimberly: How did your parents deal with you when you were little?
Eric: They were dead. Someone else must have taken care of us. John, go away, Iím trying to remember just who it was that raised my sisters and me, and I hate you anyway.
Sami: Everyone hates me, especially Carrie. I can't imagine why.
Franco: Sameee. So wha happa? Hi jus wana make sure you okay.
Sami: Thank you, Franco.
Austin: I . . . want . . . Sami . . . to . . . leave . . . me . . . alone, so. . . I'll . . . go . . . talk . . . to . . . her . . . and . . . Franco. Franco . . . what . . . happened?
Franco: She was goink home, hi saw her be hattacked. Buh he ga way. Haf aprablem wi dat?
Austin: He . . . got . . . away?
Franco: He charges hextra hif hi catch him.

End of Show

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