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A Twentysomething Report Card

Only five twentysomethings . . . soon-to-be ten teens . . . hmph.

Nicole~ Never thought I'd be putting her in the number one slot. That shows how far this generation has fallen just recently. The actress is better as a bad girl than a good girl, and has been getting a lot of good lines lately, which she delivers well. She stays true-to-form more than most-- she cares about money. Period. The character has changed from her original sweetness, but I never liked Sweet Nicole and I don't think the change was abrupt. Again, owing to the curve, she gets an A.

Sami. Ali Sweeney's acting is not at its best right now. It's been a long time since she's had a good sympathetic scene or a good bitchy scene. When she is bitchy, which is always since she's now one-note, I don't find it especially enjoyable because she isn't going after someone equally hateful or for a reason. And after the eighteen-million-year-battle to get Will, her leaving him with sitters all the time just adds hypocrisy to the boring list. B-

Greta. The acting is fine, good. The character has gone through more personality changes than Chloe. SwampGirl to SweetGirl and now she's trying to out-manipulate Sami? (I would like to point out that, silly though it may be, Austin IS Sami's boyfriend, not Greta's, and it ISN'T unreasonable for Sami to hug or spend time with him. Greta is the one moving in on someone else's territory this time.) C

Brandon. Acting has improved since he started. That ain't saying a lot, but it's better than going the other way. Character . . . I wasn't a fan of the Abe/vendetta bit, but the way it vanishes and re-appears is annoying. He sticks true to one facet of his character or another better than anyone but Nicole, but maybe that's because his character has always been all over. C-

Austin. Anyone . . . um . . . who . . . uh . . . has . . .uh . . . ever . . . duh . . . read . . . a . . . um . . . post . . . uh . . . of . . . uh . . . mine . . . duh . . . knows . . . uh . . . what . . . uh . . . I . . . uh . . . think . . . uh . . . of . . . uh . . . his . . . duh . . . acting. The character wasn't always this preachy, but he has long been this dumb, so he gets marks for consistency. I do think he's been floating loose since Carrie and Billie left town. Basically, he's on the bottom of the list because I've personally never liked him. C-

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