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A Teen Report Card

I'm killing time, but I'd like to see how others rank the teens.

Shawn-not-Douglas~ Acting-wise, he's still the best of the lot. But he hasn't had anything to do for over a year, and the actor looks stupid playing a sixteen-year-old. Character-wise, he's entirely lost the edge he originally had, and in fact doesn't seem to have much of a personality other than being oblivious to the fact that his pseudo-cousin wants him. He gets an A because I'm grading on a curve.

Skipper~ She has improved as an actress (I'm not saying she was ever bad, but she's going from good to better) and her character has become less schizophrenic. No, she hasn't got much character other than being the good girl to Shawn-not-D's good boy, but she is no longer an unbelievable Sami clone or sickeningly cheery. I'll accept her as John and Marlena's daughter even if she does want her pseudo-cousin and even if she is a bit too ditzy to have come from these particular parents. She gets a B.

Philip Tork~ The actor did shine in some of the most recent Europe scenes, but his baby-like bawling and gestures only work occasionally. The rest of the time he's just okay. The character-- again, what character? I wish the spoiled-ness he originally had had stuck around a little bit. It would make more sense. I'm feeling generous, so he gets a B as well.

Chlolita~ The actress, I think, is suffering from over-exposure. She's all right, but when she's the central character most days, her one-note staring and yelling get old very fast. The character did the most pointless turnaround of all, and I personally buy into the conspiracy theories that say it's all to make Belle the only sympathetic female teen. Chloe is hateful and selfish and not at all heroic, which is a shame considering the insecure-but-wanting-to-care, classy-but-cautious character she debuted as. C-/D+

Mimi~ Never, ever, in a million years will I like this one. I'm still biased because I always see her and say "she got her contract the day Viv and Ivan were fired." I still think the actress's eye-rolling and mugging are overdone. I have never felt an ounce of sympathy for her, but neither do I enjoy hating her. The character is a villain pretending to be a hero. Sixteen/seventeen is old enough not to succumb to blatant manipulation/ refuse to share friends/ play really hateful jokes. I understand that real sixteen/seventeen year olds have been known to act this way-- but they are not the heroines. Also, she suffers from not being connected to a core family. She can't leave soon enough. D

Jan~ I like the actress. I think she plays a bitch quite well. But the character is stereotypical, one-note, and pointless. She has no connection to anyone and is a bad plot device. D

Jason~ Nothing special actor-wise as far as I can tell. He blessedly isn't on much. Chalk another one up to pointless, stereotypical, one-note plot device. D-

Bwady~ The actor is okay, but all he ever does in project hate so it's hard to tell. The character is hateful and a walking continuity error (I'm still mad about the "little Shawn-Douglas" line). His past is MADE UP and it contradicts the show I watched for years and years. He's another one-note guy with no motivation. I hate him. I resent him. I'm not a Marlena fan (I am a begrudging John/Marlena fan), but the idea that she hated him and sent him away is RIDICULOUS! F. I wish there was a lower grade.

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