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Friday, June 8, 2001

Glen brings JT to his aunt’s house.
Aunt: Glen! I was trying to watch TV, but my antenna broke.
Glen: Bummer. Jack and Jennifer are on today, too.
Aunt: So you have a baby. That’s nice. But I’m concerned about his crying.
Glen: Don’t be. He cries a lot, especially when he’s in a scene with me.
Aunt: Everybody’s a critic.

MEANWHILE, Jack is ready to take Abby to school.
Jack: Jennifer, I’ll stay with you.
Jennifer: No, take Abby to school, and go-- where? Do you have a job? How are we paying for this house, again?

MEANWHILE, Roman is questioning Hattie.
Roman: Stefano has been directly or indirectly responsible for every crime in Salem for the past twenty years or so. But we’ve never been able to put him away.
Hattie: Lord, you must be incompetent. I don’t know if I trust you to protect me.
Roman: But I really want to punish him for hurting my brother’s family. Not to mention locking me up and torturing me for years on end.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are at home watching their videotaped plea.
(on camera) All we want is our son back.
(on camera) And a Red Ryder BB gun.
Bo: I won’t go in. I’ll stay with you.
Hope: Go. I want the best cop I know on the case.
Bo: You don’t know many cops, do you?
(Bo goes to Abe’s house.)
Isaac: Hi!!!
Bo: Abe--
Isaac: Hi!!
Bo: Yes, you’re already a better actor than the kids who play Will, but I need to talk to your father, okay? So shut up.

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Lexie talk.
Lexie: You sound like you’re in over your head.
Stefano: I’m sorry. I’ve kidnapped, cloned, killed, erased memories, and bought and sold kingdoms but I can’t handle a little baby switch.

End of Show
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