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Friday, June 1, 2001

Line of the day must go to Stefano for
"I cannot stand people who think they have morals-- they are so unpredictable."

Skipper realizes Chlolita saw JT’s kidnapping:
Chlolita: There was this other couple there, so Philip Tork and I thought we were alone.

MEANWHILE, Philip Tork’s father wishes Philip Tork was alone:
Philip Tork: Don’t talk to me like I’m young.
Victor: You were born six years ago!
Philip Tork: So? That means I have a long time before going to college, especially if I de-age the way Shawn-not-D has.
Victor: You still won’t get into any college I want you to go to with your grades.
Philip Tork: Sure I will. You’re loaded. Just have them name a building after us.
Victor: You have a point.

MEANWHILE, at the Cop Shop:
Bo: I don’t understand this.
Abe: aren’t you used to not understanding things yet?
Bo: Hope is right; JT is alive. I thought maybe it was denial—
Abe: No, no, it was the Salem River, not the Nile. You really are overtired.

MEANWHILE, Barb has second thoughts about kidnapping:
Glen: Keep your shirt on.
Barb: As long as you take yours off for no apparent reason.
Glen: No reason? Here are SIX reasons for you!
(knocking on the door) I hear a baby crying in there even though you just told the manager you don’t have a baby with you. So I’ll just come in and look around and not notice that the bathroom window is open and your room is on ground level.
Barb: The depth of your stupidity is vast and untapped.

MEANWHILE, Lexie is still hospitalized as Brandon and Steffy visit:
Stefano: I can’t control what you know.
Brandon: What about that curling iron that wipes peoples’ memories? Remember? You used that on Laura a few years ago.
Stefano: As I was saying, I doubt your career is financially rewarding.
Brandon: But it allows me to go to Italy for months at a time without losing my position or any money.
Brandon: You’ve just been watching too many episodes of the Sopranos.
(shocked) You have HBO and you didn’t invite me over to watch with you?

MEANWHILE, Jennifer goes to see Hope:
Jenn: Hi. Why is there a telescope in your living room?
Hope: Baby-killer!! See the blanket I brought my son whom you killed home from the hospital in?
Jenn: I know. Abby came home in it, too.
Hope: Wasn’t Abby born in the Horton cabin?
Jenn: According to Jack and Jennifer historian Silver-Thief: "yes Abby was born in a cabin/farmhouse, but they did end up taking her to the hospital after - so she could have brought her home in that damn blanket that no one has ever seen or heard of before now. Dumb TL."

End of Show
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