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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Line of the day to Barb for suggesting that JT would like a chicken sandwich.

Skipper is chipper, but Shawn-not-D is moody (note the rhyme) and walks out of class:
Skipper: Mr. Woods, I think that it would be appropriate for me to explains his behavior to you in the middle of class and in front of everyone.
(He makes her wait until after class and then pulls her and Shawn-not-D aside.)
Mr. Woods: This high school is a community, and Shawn-not-D, youíre a big part of it, since you canít seem to graduate even though you were supposed to be a senior last year. You can rely on your friends.
Skipper: Yeah! Iíll bet your brother was kidnapped! I did a report, and there are 30,000 children kidnapped in one year! And thatís just counting the times
Stefano got you or me or various of our cousins!
Chloe: We both messed up. You kept your fatherís secret because he asked you to, and I accused you of a criminal offense.
Philip: Wow. Youíre right. It was exactly the same thing.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Eliana: Iíve never seen Mr. DiMera so upset. Itís not as if he has hoards of other children who have died or been hurt.
Lexie: Nice to know itís out of sight, out of mind. Have you met Brandon?
Youíll probably be disposing of his body soon.
(to Brandon) My father wants to kill you.
Brandon: Are you saying your father wants to kill me?

MEANWHILE, by the river:
(yelling) JT? JT?
Bo: You expect him to answer?
Hope: You never know. SORAS works in mysterious ways.
John: Wow, a woman who has just asked me about the search for the baby is driving off with a baby. In fact, sheís driving off from the spot where we think JT would have ended up. However, there is no reason that I should ask to see her baby.
(overhearing) My, youíre even dumber than I am! Did you at least see what she looked like?
John: Seeing as Iím a former cop, no, I didnít pay attention.
Hope: Never mind. This is all Jennís fault! Itís her fault I went out to dinner, she blew up the bridge, and she didnít question a woman leaving the scene of the crime with a baby.

MEANWHILE, with Glen and Barb:
Glen: Youíre my wife. You do what I say.
Barb: Yep, youíre a Salemite at heart.

MEANWHILE, Alice is with Jennifer:
Alice: Itís a good thing you sat bolt upright and screamed, or I never would have known you were having a nightmare. Itís so convenient that people always sit bolt upright and scream after nightmares.
Jennifer: I almost died. Jack was so brave, and strong. He held that entire car down-- he didnít balance it, which would be sort of believable-- he held it. And then he caught me while standing up, instead of lowering his center of gravity, and HE didnít overbalance and fall. He rewrote the laws of physics just for me!
(entering) Youíre amazing, too, Jennifer. Youíve been rolling around on the floor all night, and you havenít changed your clothes, but you hair and makeup are still absolutely perfect.

End of Show
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