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Monday, May 28, 2001

Happy Memorial Day . . . .

Chloe and Philip Tork are STILL driving around:
Philip Tork: My Mom was really good to me when I was growing up. Thatís why Iím such an exceptionally mature six-year-old.
Chloe: Maybe I should stop cursing out my Mom, then. Wow, youíve made me a better person.
Philip Tork: Thatís not saying a lot.
Chloe: Maybe not, but isnít it cool how it was pitch black when you started driving to the hospital and broad daylight now, but itís sort of dawnish out by the river and at Jack and Jenniferís house?

MEANWHILE, Glen and Barb have snatched JT:
Glen: Iím his Dad and he knows it. Thatís why heís crying hysterically.
Barb: Are you sure this is the right baby?
Glen: It says "Isaac" on the plot device, um, I mean, carseat. Never mind that Iíve seen Isaac and he doesnít look much like JT.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Stefano: Lexie loves me more than she loves you.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Abe: Does not.
Stefano: Does too.
Lexie: I donít want to see either of you. I want to see Nancy because she overheard me talking about the baby switch.
(Nancy comes over) Iíve been a pediatrician for years--
Nancy: I thought you only went through medical school recently. And I thought you were a surgeon at first.
Lexie: Never mind that. Just remember that Isaac is NOT Hopeís son.
Nancy/Abe: That was not at all suspicious.

MEANWHILE, near the river:
Bo: John, thank you for helping me look for my son.
John: Well, itís the least I could do seeing as I was the one who got Hope pregnant in the first place.
(seeing Hope) What are you doing here?
Hope: I decided I was tired of playing the helpless female.
Bo: Are you thinking what Iím thinking?
Hope: Thinking?
Bo: I decided I was tired of playing the dumb male.

MEANWHILE, at the home of the recently magnificent Deveraux family:
Jack: I shouldnít have left Abby and Jennifer alone to pick you up, but short of cloning myself--
Alice: Thatís a bad idea. We still donít know what happened to all of Stefanoís Marlena clones.
Jennifer: I killed Hopeís baby. And now Iím lying on the floor shaking because I keep having flashbacks to the awful special effects they used to show him falling into the river.
Alice: Donít worry, dear. That baby is from Salem. You know how hard it is to kill someone from Salem.
Jennifer: Iím going insane, just like my mother. She left me on a bus when I was younger than Abby--
Alice: See, Jennifer Rose? If the writers can remember history that old and work it into character and storyline, then miracles can happen. Iím sure weíll find JT.

End of Show
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