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Friday, May 11, 2001

A semi-synopsis (very short between overturned tugboats and Timothy McVeigh's stay of execution).

Lexie and Stefano are at Tuscany.
Lexie: JT and Isaac were switched at birth. Did you do it?
Stefano: I have asked you never to ask me about my business.
Lexie: Did you--
Stefano: This one time, I will allow you to ask me about my business.
Lexie: Did you switch the babies so my son would be healthy?
Stefano: No.
(Lexie beams happily.)

MEANWHILE, also at Tuscany:
Victor: Chlolita is completely inappropriate for Philip Tork.
Nicole: At least I'm a good match for you: young enough to be your granddaughter, not nearly as established a schemer as you, and someone you instantly forgave for being a thorn in your side when you've never done that before.
(Philip Tork and Chlolita arrive.)
Victor: So, Chlolita, are you in love with Philip Tork?
Philip Tork: So, Nicole, sister-in-law, are you nailing my Dad?

MEANWHILE, still elsewhere at Tuscany:
John: If JT were YOUR son, you'd want to claim him.
Marlena: No, I wouldn't. I frequently fail to acknowledge my children for years on end. How many do I have again?

MEANWHILE, Jack and Abby talk to Jennifer on the phone.
Abby: Mother, where hadst thou been? I awoke this good evening and knew not.
Jennifer: I'm looking after JT for Hope.
Abby: Rather rude of dear cousin Hope to ask you to attend to and observe her child instead of yours on your first night in a new house, is it not, mother dear?

MEANWHILE, the last two thugs in the world get ready to help Stefano.
Rolf: I'll do my best not to kill anyone. Maybe.

End of Show
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