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Thursday, May 10, 2001

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the Monkees live-- an a capella group at one of Bryn Mawr's May Day concerts last Sunday sang "I'm a Believer." Now, without further ado, I present the "well, I have to do *something* between now and graduation" synopsis. Line of the day goes to Shawn-not-Douglas, because he's "had it with Bwady."

After Hope establishes that she is really good at making a bed in fast motion, she and Bo go to Tuscany.
Maggie: Have you noticed anything different about John lately?
Hope: Well, I've certainly noticed something different about you. Why are you an unsubtle gossip all of a sudden?
Maggie: Anything for airtime.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are in bed.
John: At least no matter how much I let my son abuse you, we can still have good sex.
Marlena: True. It's nice to know that we can get it on even if I am acting as if you betrayed me when I know you were under mind control.
John: But even though the sex was good, I don't want to take you to Tuscany. Maggie will nag at me, and we've never gotten along. Not for days and days.
(they go anyway)
Marlena: If you keep being this obvious about fathering JT, even Bo will figure it out.
John: EVEN BO?

MEANWHILE, Brandon has dinner with his mother.
Brandon: I repeat, it isn't your fault that Paul was abusive. It's the fault of the cop who arrested him. That makes sense.

MEANWHILE, Philip Tork and Jason are in jail, and Bwady tries to help Philip Tork, but the whole thing is too mind-numbing and badly acted to deserve further comment.

MEANWHILE, with the rest of the teen scene:
Shawn-not-Douglas: I'm upset that Bwady said my Dad pulled strings when I was caught driving underage.
Skipper: Because you weren't underage at the time, and you were brought in because you didn't ask permission to take the motorcycle, and you've since been de-aged to be younger than Bwady?
Shawn-not-Douglas: That's pretty much it, yeah.

MEANWHILE, Lexie visits her father.
Stefano: Obviously, JT and Isaac SOMEHOW went home with the wrong families.
Lexie: Yep, that's a big mystery.
Stefano: But I may kill Brandon because you told him so much.
(shocked) My father is a criminal and a murderer! Who would have thought that?
Stefano: Brandon is not afraid of me. Brandon is not that bright.
(defensive) Well, he is by Salem standards.

End of Show

~Our lives shall not be sweated
From birth until life closes
Hearts starve as well as bodies:
'Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!'~

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