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Monday, March 12, 2001

Welcome to Monday's Synopsis. Thank you, people of Days, for showing a flashback to the day Lucas found out Will was his son. I have to admit I always kinda regretted missing that. (But I'd like to point out that the reason I missed it was that it aired the week I started college. I'm graduating in two months-- and Sami and Lucas STILL aren't playing nice??? Not that the storyline dragged or anything . . .) Anyway, line of the day goes to Mickey:
"Sami and Lucas should both be in parenting class." I'm in favor of anything Sami and Lucas do together.

Rolf and Hattie are on a date.
Rolf: Stop eating like a chimpanzee.

MEANWHILE, Hope tries to suppress the beginnings of brainstem growth in Bo.
Hope: Lexie said Marlo left town.
Bo: Yeah, but her body stayed here seeing as DiMera killed her.
Hope: Bo! Stefano is a good, kind man who kidnapped our older son and switched our younger son for another baby and brainwashed me, and if we want to get into what he did to your brother and his family . . .
Bo: Lexie might even know how Marlo got to be dead.
Hope: Stop! Stop! I can't stand it when you have intelligent thoughts.

MEANWHILE, chez DiMera:
Lexie: Evading the law takes money.
Stefano: That's what you have Daddy for.
Lexie: You're such a good, kind, rich, man and I'm glad you're my father.

MEANWHILE, Sami has taken Will from the Kiriakis Mansion.
Kate: As long as you love him, you'll never lose your child.

[Flashback to Philip and Austin disowning Kate.]

Lucas: No. I can't go on. I'm going to find a toy he forgot and stare at it. High melodrama, you know.
Kate: And for good measure, throw a drink at the wall.
(Lucas does.)
Henderson: Cool! Something for me to do besides go to the strip club!
Kate: Not now! Clean it up later! Or I'll clean it up myself!
(Henderson dies of shock.)
Lucas: Oh my God. You killed Henderson . . .
Kate: Aren't you supposed to be mourning?
Lucas: Oh yeah. Here, I'll flashback to him giving me a picture and me saying it was really great, so great, in fact that I'm sure it was drawn by the props department.

MEANWHILE, with Sami:
Sami: Well, Will, now that I have custody of you after years of fighting, I think I'll send you into your room to play so I can flirt with Brandon.
(Will leaves.)
Brandon: Forget about Austin. He doesn't know you, Samantha.
Sami: At least he knows I go by "Sami" and not "Samantha."
(returning) She has a point.
Sami: Shut up, kid.
Will: I miss Daddy.

End of Show

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