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Thursday, March 08, 2001

Line of the day goes to Jack for the strange if accurate
"he was a senator before he became a serial killer" or perhaps for "I could divulge it to you, but then I'd have to kill you, and you've already been shot, and it just wouldn't be fair . . ."

At the Cop Shop:
Bo: JT is my son.
Hope: You don't suppose he's the son of the mystery woman whose body we found at our wedding?
Bo: Nah. That would be too much of a weird coincidence.

MEANWHILE, Jack meets Greta at the Java Café.
Jack: I was at your coronation.
Greta: A lot of people were.
Jack: Not everyone got shot.
(annoyed) I know. They missed Belle.

MEANWHILE, Jennifer is at the Horton Center.
Jennifer: I can't believe Abby and I are still living here.
Alice: What happened to the house your father gave you?
Jennifer: Bo and Hope are living it for some reason. Besides, I don't want to live anywhere predictable because Jack might take Abby from me. It's wrong to take a child from a parent, so I'm never going to let Abby see him again.
(arriving) You don't want me to see Daddy?
Jennifer: I want you to love Daddy.
Abby: That's not what I said, slut!!
(shocked) Slut?
Abby: Well, Bwady is the same age as me and he calls his mother a slut all the time . . .

MEANWHILE, with John and Marlena:
John: Who are you talking to?
Marlena: Wow! Someone actually noticed a Salemite talking to herself and thought it was worth commenting on!
John: Here's another comment: don't hit my kid.
Marlena: I had to keep you from hitting him a bunch of times last summer.
John: Behold the glorious thing that is a double standard.

MEANWHILE, downstairs:

Belle: Bwady, look at me. I do like to be looked at. Especially by you.
Bwady: And I like to look at you.
(leers) I can't believe people thought I would try to kill you just because I told your mother I would destroy you and then refused to tell anyone how you got to be bloody and unconscious.
(strokes her face)
Belle: You make me feel so special.
(climbs on his lap)
Bwady: Are there any guys I have to worry about? Is anyone gonna steal you from me?
(feels her up)
Belle: Well, maybe your cousin.
(they kiss)
(Marlena comes down. Bwady pulls a gun and starts shooting at her as she leaves.)
Bwady: Mom never would have left. But ever since Dad let Marlena back into his life, he's pushed me out.
(coming down) Marlena has never been out of my life in the entire time you've existed. And as your mother was dead almost as soon as you were born, how would you know what she'd do? And don't you realize that if Marlena wasn't with me, there would be no Belle, whom you just called your favorite person in the world?
Bwady: Details, details . . .

End of Show
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