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Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Blood, blood, blood, blood!
Blood, blood, blood, blood!
(Line of the day to my guy Lucas:
"I've been rich, and I've been poor, and being poor sucks!" Also liked the way he commented on Victor's "whole friggin' fortune." I love Lucas! Or did you know that already? On with the show . . .)

Greta is on her way to the hospital.
Lexie: I can help, I'm a pediatrician.
Austin: Weren't you a surgical resident when Craig took over as chief of staff?
Lexie: Never mind. Just pick up the woman whose body is full of bullets like she's a rag doll. That's a good idea.
Austin: This is awful. The first time I've ever trusted a woman--
All: Ahem. CARRIE!?
Austin: But I can't help her anymore. I'm not type AB, and it's not as if AB is the universal receiver.
(popping up) I'm AB! Even though I know from the Belle-baby-switch-story that my mother is O, which means I can't
carry both an A and a B allele, and even though I was O myself at least one of the times I was so sick I got my last rites . . .
Austin: What're you doing here? You're is disguise while people are dying? I'll bet you ran out and bought that disguise after the shooting started!
Sami: Fine, I'll go talk to my Mom.
Marlena: Should I worry about you?
Sami: You never have before. Don't start now. Be happy that I'm getting my son back even as people you know lie bleeding to death!

MEANWHILE, Kate slips off to call Lucas.
Lucas: It's the middle of the night.
Kate: In Paris. So not in Salem. You must just be drunk. But I have a new plan.
Lucas: What the hell is a new plan gonna do?
Kate: Fine, if you don't want in, you're off the show. Your character is 25 now, and the actor playing you is 30, and that's too old to lure in teen viewers, anyway. It said so in the Star. Sorry.
Lucas: Damn Sami. It's her fault I shot Franco and framed her.
(Kate hangs up and Will enters.) Will, it's just the two of us, you and I.
Will: Please, Daddy, no Will Smith songs.

MEANWHILE, Mimi's heart stops beating!!! How dare Days tease me like this?
Lili: She was just saying how she was homeless just last year, right after she got back from a trip to Paris, and now she was in Paris again, you know, like all homeless kids. God keep Mimi!
ClayZebra: God keep Mimi away from my television screen!
Belle: I wanna see the ambulance carrying Mimi leave.
ClayZebra: I wanna see the hearse carrying Mimi leave.

MEANWHILE, Angela is dead in Brandon's arms.
Brandon: There's blood on this tape.
(reviving) Ooo, symbolism. (dies again)

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Chloe admire Moroni's corpse.

MEANWHILE, Super John runs triage despite the gaping hole in his stomach.

End of show
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