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Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Welcome to a synopsis of the part of Days not pre-empted by gunmen hanging around Dubya
(now THAT'S entertainment).

All of the Salemites are at Greta's coronation.

Belle: Hey, Dad, want to dance with me since they're playing music they used in Sleeping Beauty and I'm the right age to be into Disney movies?
(interrupting) No, John, don't dance with your daughter. Dance with my wife even though I'm jealous of the amount of time she spends with you and you know the time you spend with her bothers your wife!
John: Can't turn down that offer, and that's a fact.
(dancing) Hope, JT was not an accident!
Hope: Because we intended to have sex with each other?
Sami: Well, I'll just borrow Bwady's Zorro mask and that will keep my mother, sister, stepfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, and boyfriend from recognizing me, right?
Greta: I don't hear anything.
Austin: That's the sound of every thought I've ever had.
(watching) There will be no money for the orphans unless Austin saves Greta.
Austin: Okay.
Woman: Kisses Greta.
Austin: Okay.
Woman: Screws Greta.
Austin: Okay . . .
Shawn-not-D: Mimi! I see Salem's favorite homeless teen has made it to Paris for the second year in a row!
Mimi: That's right. Dance with me. Maybe you'll be able to keep me from falling out of this dress.
(to camera) And she's not falling out of it because she bought it at the Salvation Army and it doesn't fit, if ya know what I mean. . .
Chloe: Guess what?
Philip: A hit man just dropped a picture of my Dad right on top of me and I didn't notice?
Chloe: No! Never mind, let's focus on how insecure I am rather than
on how your parents are cheating on each other and trying to kill each other.
Jennifer: They said they threw you out!
Jack: That was me, disguising my voice. Rather pathetic that after all these years you don't know my voice anywhere. But anyway, wanna dance?
Jennifer: I guess we'll have to sooner or later since we're practically the only people here who no one has a hit on.
Lexie: Come to the ball, Marlena. My father's coming, and don't you love to be at balls with him???
Marlena: Yes! Good idea. I'll go, and remind John how much he misses me every time your sicko father kidnaps me.

End of Show
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