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Monday, February 5, 2001

Welcome to ClayZebra's "you think I'd miss the return of Jack-n-Jenn?" synopsis.

Philip interupts Nicole and Victor's breakfast.
(leaving) Philip, remember that if you need a woman, you can come on to me, I mean come to me, and then . . . whatever you want.
Philip: Dad, I saw Mom. She was naked.
(shrugging) Your mother naked doesn't do much for me, either.
Philip: She was snogging Moroni.
Victor: So? I snogged your skanky sister-in-law first. Get over it.

MEANWHILE, Kate and Monroni are also having breakfast.
Moroni: No parent wants to cause their child's pain. Excuse me while I go order someone to shoot the man with whom my daughter is passionately in love.

MEANWHILE, with the utterly uninteresting Sami and Brandon:
Sami: I won't get shot at the coronation. Nothing will happen.
Brandon: Samantha, your contract's up. You can't be too careful.

SPEAKING OF UNINTERESTING, Austin brings Greta breakfast.
Greta: What's this?
Austin: Finally, I've found someone who shares a level of intelligence with me.
(entering) Thanks to you, many more children will be instructed in the development of fake French accents.
Austin/Greta: Ain't we great?

MEANWHILE, Alice leaves the airport and Jennifer.
Cabdriver: Sorry, I'm the only cabbie in the world who refuses to speed.
Alice: Never mind. I'm Alice Horton! I can stop planes on runways! And then I'll call all over several continents on my cell phone because I have amazing powers!
(to phone) May I speak to Jack Deveraux?
Jack: Is this Mrs. Horton?
Alice: Whoa! Dozens of Salemites were talking to Jennifer on the phone for weeks without knowing her voice and you know mine right away?
(shrugging) I always was the smart hero. Except when I was the villain. And they're usually smart.
Alice: What are you doing in Rome?
Jack: Besides my mandatory shirtless-just-out-of-the-shower scene?

MEANWHILE, Jennifer is flying to Paris.
Jennifer: I don't care about Jack, but I'll daydream about him all trip.

[Jennifer: I look like a collie.
Jack: Lassie had a great career.]

Jennifer: But he wouldn't admit he loved me.

[Jack: I don't want you!!! That's why I'm kissing you!!!]

Jennifer: Finally, he did.

[Jack: I love you.
Jennifer: That's how you can tell this is a flashback. None of the couples currently doing it on Days much like each other, except Bozo and Hopeless.]

Jennifer: We were very happy.

[Jennifer: I'm pregnant.
Jack: Oh, so this is a flashback, too? Because you're having the child of the man you love who is also your husband?]

Jennifer: But I'll learn from my mistakes!
Random Person: And not choose an idiot like Peter Blake over Jack again?
(Jennifer arrives.)
Jennifer: Jack! Go away! I can't forgive you for Africa!
Jack: But I didn't go to Africa with you! That was one of those blond imitation Jacks!
Jennifer: There were a few other occasions too numerous to mention.
Jack: Few? Numerous? Isn't that an oxymoron?
Jennifer: YOU are the oxyMORON!
Jack: Just for that, I'm going to shoot Mimi and Bwady even though they aren't here!
Jennifer: My hero! Maybe I'll give you another chance after all.

End of Show

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