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Thursday, January 18, 2001

Line of the day must go to Marlena: "It keeps happening, the same old thing over and over, and keeps getting worse and worse." No comment as to what I think she was talking about.

Bo, Hope, and JT take a walk.
Random Woman: Wow! What a beautiful family!
Other Random Woman: Yes! A beautiful baby!
Random Woman: And lovely clothing!
Other Random Woman: And a nice butt!
(aside to cell phone) Hello? Police?

MEANWHILE, at the Cop Shop:
Abe: It's not like you know this woman.
(to camera) That's called irony.

MEANWHILE, Shawn-not-D and Philip drive to school.
Shawn-not-D: Does your Dad know you borrowed the car?
Philip: I have my own car. Remember?
Shawn-not-D: But that was when you were sixteen and I was about to turn eighteen. Before we both turned sixteen. So you may have lost the car in de-aging warp.
Philip: Whatever. Ask Belle out.
Shawn-not-D: That's never gonna happen. I'm about twice her age, and every one of her siblings is a blood cousin to me.

MEANWHILE, at the Penthouse:
Marlena: I don't know how to deal with this. Psychiatrists aren't trained to handle demented teenagers.
(she and John find Bwady)
Bwady: Marlena just thinks I was trying to kill her because I pulled a sword on her. Since when is a sword a lethal weapon? And she's only upset that I want to sue Roman because she's personally involved with him.
John: True. It can't be that she cares about Roman because he's Sami and Eric's father and her friend.
Marlena: Hey! John, you're in denial-
John: This isn't Egypt-
Marlena: And you feel guilty because you let Shawn and Caroline and Chelsea and me raise Bwady while you ran around with Kristen and Pillow Baby.
John: I have no recollection of that.
(Marlena leaves)
Bwady: She's just jealous of my mother, because you had a child with her.
John: I have children with half the women in town! Why should your mother be any different than Hope or Gina or Kristen?

End of Show
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