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Friday, January 12, 2001

Happy Friday!

Brandon, Sami, Kate, Angela, and Moroni hang out in Italy.
Moroni: If Brandon ever hurts my daughter, I'll kill him.
Kate: Cool! Would you mind killing Victor while you're at it?

MEANWHILE, Austin and Greta hang out in France.
Austin: I'm committed to Sami. I really enjoyed my date with you.
(interrupting to grovel) Let me keep my livelihood, I beg you, Princess. I know I nearly killed you, but your mother nearly killed Marlena and Shawn-not-Douglas and you revere her as a saint!
Greta: Sorry, I'm into double standards. Off you go.
Austin: I'm so proud of you. Greta: We really are made for each other, especially if you believe it was okay for you to come to France without telling Sami but not okay for her to go to Italy without telling you.

MEANWHILE, chez Black:
Bwady: I want my Dad and my sister to be happy. That's why I'm tormenting their wife and mother. But don't say I threatened you. By the way, move one inch and I'll kill you.
(Marlena leaves; Chloe and Belle arrive.)
Bwady: Why do you like her, Belle? Chloe has such a flat personality. All she ever does is scream at people she's loved all her life for no reason, oh, wait, that's me. But Chloe's still a (censored)!
Belle: It isn't nice to call people things ClayZebra can't write out.
(sniffling) It's just . . . this wheelchair . . .
Belle: Oh, Bwady, I shouldn't've snapped at you for calling my mother and my friends names.
(She climbs into the wheelchair with him to comfort him and the sexual tension causes the two to spontaneously combust.)
Chloe: Oh my God. He killed Belle. The bastard.

End of Show
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