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Friday, January 05, 2001

Oh my God! It's Friday's Synopsis!

Austin and Greta have left the Garden of Bad Special Effects.
Woman: We'll begin to plan your coronation.
Austin: Coronation?
(to woman) Don't mind him, he just has trouble with words more than one syllable long.

MEANWHILE, Brandon and Sami are in her apartment.
Sami: I was just surprised by your proposal.
Brandon: Why? I've been hitting on you and declaring my undying love since the day I met you.
Sami: Sorry. I'd much rather have a man who wants to turn me into my sister and thinks it's an insult to call me "the same old Sami."

MEANWHILE, at Titan:
Victor: Wow, Nicole, the shirt you're almost wearing today is even better than the one you were almost wearing yesterday.
Nicole: Be more respectful. You don't need to respect someone like Kate, who you loved for years and who has been a businesswoman for years, but you should definitely respect a slutty ex-model like me.

MEANWHILE, John is at Marlena's hotel room.
John: I wanna be a family again.
(nostalgically) I just can't hear that line without thinking of Shawn-not-D, back when he was in middle school and Belle and Bwady were infants.
John: Speaking of Bwady, when did he threaten you?
Marlena: Basically every time he opened his mouth.
John: Strange how I didn't notice that.
(recalling the purple pillow) Not that strange, actually.

MEANWHILE, at Bwady's penthouse.
Chloe: You're a nasty, foulmouthed psycho!
Bwady: No effing kidding!
Belle: Chloe, be nice to my brother.
(Shoves her tongue down Bwady's throat as a goodbye and leaves with Chloe.) I still get chills when I think of finding that body yesterday.
Chloe: We found it yesterday, and Bo and Hope's wedding?
Belle: Yep.
Chloe: Which was held on Christmas Eve?
Belle: Yep.
Chloe: Making today Christmas?
Belle: Yep.
Chloe: Why are we going to school, then?
Belle: Oh no! We must have fallen into a time rift! We'll be shredded into small pieces!
(They are, and because of Bwady's soul-mate connection to Belle, he dies as well.)
Time Rift: Oh my God! I killed Belle, Bwady, and Chloe!

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion:
Kate: Victor's will is locked in a safe place.
Lucas: Not the secret room again, I hope.
(Kate rolls her eyes.) How can you be so cruel to someone you loved for years?
Kate: Different writers. And don't try to make me feel guilty, Lucas. It isn't possible. I'm just going to take care of myself and my son, by knocking off my other son's father.

End of Show
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