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Friday, October 20, 2000
Itís Fridayís Synopsis, brought to you by people for a world in which bad television is shamelessly made fun of. And as much as Iíd like him to get out of Samiís life, line of the day goes to Brandon: "You donít want people thinking you go out with murderers, do you?"

In Italy, Lauren Koslow establishes that she can act. Ergo, Days should fire her.
Kate: Iím not going back to Salem. I donít want to face the prospect of Roman Brady slapping handcuffs on me.
Victor: Donít be silly. If you went up to Roman and explained, using very small words, that you were the one who framed Sami, he still wouldnít be able to solve the crime. Stop talking as if Iíve let you down.
Kate: Sorry. You havenít let me down. All youíve done is incessantly call me names since you got out of the nursing home.

MEANWHILE, elsewhere in Italy:
Sami: I didnít realize so many people would be involved in my getting custody of Will.
Brandon: Donít feel bad. Most soap opera characters stop realizing things once they randomly get deemed heroines instead of villainesses.
(arriving) Sami, youíll be my maid of honor?
Sami: Sure! Itís been a while since I did that fainting at the altar thing.
Angela: Wonít it be strange, since you used to date Brandon?
Sami: Brandon and I never really clicked.
ClayZebra: Ainít that the truth.

MEANWHILE, in the hospital in Salem:
Lexie: If any baby can get through this, itís Johnny.
Hope: Cool! Then heíll definitely live. Babies are always getting through this, including the last baby named John. Those doctors just donít know what kind of family he comes from.
Lexie: Neither do you. Therein lies the problem.
(Lexie then announces that Johnny is dead, but no one much cares because they all know how much trouble Salemite doctors have with the alive/dead thing.)

MEANWHILE, elsewhere in the hospital:
Marlena: The doctors are relieving the pressure in Belleís brain.
Doctor: Apparently. But we donít know how long sheíll be in a coma. It depends how long it takes her to shoot that Disney movie.
Marlena: Itís awful. You never know if little girls will grow up, or if theyíll just triple in age on your honeymoon. Why wouldn't Brady tell us what happened?
John: Because you screamed at him and blamed him when he was trying to save Belle?
Marlena: Naw. That couldn't be it.

MEANWHILE, on the hospital roof:
Brady: Look, itís little Shawn-Douglas. I donít wanna talk to you.
Shawn-not-D: Why?
[Brady has a flashback.
Bo: Shawn-D? What do you think of your new cousin?
Shawn-D: Heís all red and wrinkly.
Isabella: All babies are like that.
Shawn-D: Even me?
Bo: Even you.
Shawn-D: I guess you can keep him, then.]

Brady: Since youíre three years younger than me, how did you manage to have a speaking part during the scene where I was born? You must be an evil, time-traveling sorcerer!
(stomping into the chapel) Kids shouldnít lose their moms like I did.
God: You havenít lost your Mom, you idiot. The woman youíve been calling "Mom" since you could talk is right outside. You canít even remember Isabella.
Brady: Sure I can. I just had a flashback a few seconds ago.
God: Oh. Guess youíre right.

End of Show

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