Wednesday, August 16, 2000

It's Wednesday's Synopsis! Line of the day goes to Will 'cause he's finally learned to talk on camera
(and is thus light years ahead of some of the actors four or ten times his age): "Martini breath." I missed the middle part of the show today. Hopefully nobody said anything abnormally stupid that I'm missing a chance to pick on.

Kate calls Lucas, who is with Nicole at the Kiriakis Pool.
Kate: Don't worry, Victor is on top of Sami.
Lucas: And neither you nor Brandon has a problem with this?
(They hang up.)
Nicole: I'll have sex with you if you get drunk and let me coach your kid to call you a drunk.
Lucas: Sounds like a good deal to me.

MEANWHILE, Kate gets Victor to sign some papers without looking as she learned something from Vivian after all.
Italian Guy: This must be Kate Roberts. Your animal print suits are renowned far and wide.
Victor: Yes, that's her. She's the mother of my son Philip. He's a good boy.
Kate: Young man.
Victor: When did that happen?
Kate: Last summer, same as with the rest of the babies.

MEANWHILE, elsewhere in Italy:
Italian Chick: Sami doesn't deserve Brandon. She deserves Lucas. Everyone knows that.

MEANWHILE, Hope and Lexie and their babies shop for wedding gowns but say nothing worth noting.

MEANWHILE, John has flashbacks at Steffy's house.
Stefano: John? What do you remember?
John: I was a doctor.
Stefano: And a priest, a cop, a warrior, an agent, a thief, an equestrian...
John: Well, I have special mental powers and I can pretend to be whatever I want.
Stefano: Have you been hanging out with Mike Horton lately?
John: Or maybe it's that I get tomorrow's newspaper today, so I know what I'll have to be able to do.
Stefano: Actually, you can time travel within your own lifetime. You take over other peoples' lives. It's called a quantum leap.
(John heads off to the hospital to get paternity test results.)
John: Oh no! I fathered that baby! This will ruin everyone's lives, but at least maybe Shawn-not-Douglas and Belle will stop doing the kissing cousin thing now that they share a sibling.
(Belle overhears her father talking to himself and kills herself since she can never have S-not-D now.)
Stefano: (arriving) Congratulations, John. You're a father again. You can't be surprised. This is what happens when two people share a rape.

End of Show
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