Tuesday, August 08, 2000

It's Tuesday's Synopsis! Line of the day goes to Nicole: "This is a little juvenile, don't you think?" I wonder if she meant Lucas telling his mother that at least he was getting some or Chloe asking Belle if she believes she's a witch.

Kate drags Lucas outside the Kiriakis Mansion.
Lucas: Ow! Mommy, you're hurting my arm. (rubbing it) What's wrong with you, Mommy?
Kate: That could take months.

MEANWHILE, John visits Steffy.
Stefano: Are you sure you don't ride?
(John has a flashback to his and Stefano's days together. The two are strolling arm in arm through a park singing the theme to "Mr. Ed," or doing something equally stupid.)
Stefano: You had another memory? Do I appear in these memories?
John: No. You can't because you have a beard now and you didn't then, and because you've been starting to show your age lately.
Stefano: Don't mock me. Your life will be over if Hope remembers the submarine. And remember, she used to be an excellent detective.
John: It's hard to remember anyone in Salem being an excellent anything.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Marlena: Eric left without saying goodbye?
Roman: He said goodbye to me.
Marlena: Who cares? It would have been much more touching and natural for him to say goodbye to John and Sami and me.
Roman: Maybe he wouldn't've left if I'd been there for him when he was a kid.
Marlena: It's not your fault. You were Chris then.
Roman: Then maybe he wouldn't've left if I'd been getting some. Then I wouldn't've been so mean.
(arriving) I hope Eric doesn't stay away too long. (to Chloe) Did I say that with a straight face? (evilly gleeful) In with the teens, out with everybody else!
(Chloe and Belle find Craig.)
Craig: I can't believe Alice Horton wants me to do my job!
(eyeing him up) Oh, Craig, you're so sexy and powerful when you're mad. Like Zeus.
Belle: Chloe, what are you thinking?
Chloe: I'm thinking Days actually IS going to go there.
(One of Craig's lightening bolts hits Belle, who fries.)
Chloe: Oh my God! He killed Belle! The bastard! Bastards are so sexy . . .

LATER, Roman meets Nicole in Salem Place.
Roman: Why did you want to meet me?
Nicole: I heard you wanted to get some and I've already offered myself to every man in Salem but my husband. Come on, you and me won't be any worse than you and Billie.
Roman: First you have to do as you promised and get custody of Will for Sami. You talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. Put up or shut up. Do or die. Win or go home. Fish or cut bait. Your back is against the wall-
Nicole: You know what, I don't think I can bring myself to do you after all.

End of Show
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