Tuesday, July 18, 2000

The Days Synopsis has returned from hiatus! However, upon reading the summaries and spoilers and realizing that the main plot is about Mimi at least until Eric proves that Sami isn't the only Brady twin who shouldn't be allowed to drive, the synopsis writers demanded hazardous duty pay. The synopsis producers refused, and the synopsis has been dropped to recurring status. :-))

Chloe is at home with Nancy, following the school dance, which occurred most of the way through July. Glad I didn't go to Salem High.
Nancy: You were Queen of the Dance? Yes! Nothing is more important than high school popularity!
Chloe: Plus, I'm really getting to be friends with Philip.
Nancy: What? You're making friends with the richest, most popular, kid in school? How will that help your popularity index? Stop hanging out with him!

MEANWHILE, the rest of Days of Our Lives 90210 is at the hospital.
Shawn-not-Douglas: You knew that there was going to be some red tape involved in building a new house for Mimi's family.

Belle: No I didn't. My father can snap his fingers and rent movie theaters or planes or get police checks run or get restaurants opened. Besides, I'm only six years old. How should I know anything about red tape?
(Philip arrives.)
Belle: Philip, why did you ask Chloe to the dance?
Philip: Because unlike the rest of Salem I have a brain and I knew that she was hot underneath her fake glasses and baggy clothes?
Shawn-not-Douglas: Never mind that. Philip, Mimi has problems. Her house was foreclosed on and her family is living on the street.
Philip: That makes no sense. She was incredibly rich a few months ago. The economy is tight. There's no way her family could have slid that far that fast. Haven't you ever heard of shelters? Or TANF? There has to be some other issue-crime, drugs, long illness . . .
Shawn-not-Douglas: It's nothing like that, Phil. That would make too much sense. She comes from a normal family, like yours or mine.
Philip: Her parents' fertilized egg was implanted into the body of their arch enemy who almost killed the baby's real mother, and she has a brother in love with his rapist who has a child with his other brother? Or is it that his mother was presumed dead for four years and then it turned she was masquerading as a princess in Europe?
Shawn-not-Douglas: Don't be a jerk, Phil.
Philip: I'll show you being a jerk.
(He pulls some tubing out of a supply cabinet and shoves it down Belle's throat. He then pours water and various drugs down the tube until she explodes.)
Shawn-not-Douglas: Oh my God. You killed Belle. You bastard.

MEANWHILE, Nicole and Victor are at the Kiriakis Mansion.
Nicole: My father wasn't as nice as you are.
Victor: Wow! That's a neat trick.

MEANWHILE, Greta and Austin are at her apartment.
Greta: You would know if Sami was seeing another guy.
Austin: Don't be too sure about that. They don't call me "Duh-Boy" for nothing.
Greta: But she's been obsessed with you since she was fifteen. It wouldn't make sense for her to suddenly cheat on you, especially considering the issues she has with Carrie and Carrie's behavior toward you.
Austin: But would it make sense for Carrie to wait for me for years and then go to bed with Mike, who is old enough to be her father, as soon as she had me?
Greta: Hmm. You're right. She must be shagging Brandon.
Austin: But how are things with you and Eric?
Greta: Seeing as neither of us can hold onto a given personality for more than a day, it's hard to say.

MEANWHILE, Eric snoops around what I guess is a porn studio?
(to himself) It never shows up in tabloids when a famous model did porn as a teenager, so I'm doing detective work here. The cameras always keep rolling while fathers convince their crying daughters to put out on camera, right? And then this film as saved? So I just have to find the film from some of Nicole's movies.

End of Show
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