Friday, June 09, 2000

Sami and Brandon discuss chemistry, Marlena sings "Greensleeves," and Bart points wildly in the hopes of getting into MikeR's Spoiler Companion, all in today's synopsis.

Brandon, Sami, and Larry are in the hospital cafeteria, as always.
Sami: How could you try to make my Uncle Abe feel bad?
Brandon: It's not hard at all. You just say, "Hey, Carver, you know how you thought that fifteen years ago you were a detective catching serial killers?
Really, you were a uniformed cop who accidentally shot a kid."
Larry: And I don't care if his son is being born today. He shouldn't be allowed near kids. Kids who grow up near Abe Carver might turn out like-
Sami: Me?
Larry: In a word, yes.
Sami: Listen, Larry, you're my friend. You're funny and smart and I like
being around you. In fact, I think I should date you instead of Brandon because at least this way my next relationship won't be a pale imitation of what I had with Lucas.
Brandon: Larry, get out of here before Sami convinces you that Abe isn't pure evil.
Larry: Okay. When you go, make sure you leave the unopened drinks and the untouched food on the table.
Sami: We will, but we aren't leaving until Brandon tells me what he's doing to Abe or at least gives me puppy dog eyes to make what's left of my spine disappear.
Brandon: You can't make me feel bad for Abe, Samantha. He has a supportive wife who takes the side of her crime lord father over his every time. And I just don't like him. People have chemistry, or they don't. There's nothing you can do about it.
Sami: Oh! You mean like how when Lucas and I are in a scene together it's always really good even though we've hated each other and have been saying the same things to each other for three years.
Brandon: Yup, that's chemistry.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are in her office. Aww.
John: Doctor, I have a problem. I'm in love with a beautiful woman with hazel eyes. Well, they were yellow this one time-
Marlena: Hold on, I was just beeped.
(looks at beeper) Apparently, they just beeped me to tell me that it's okay for me to keep making out with you.
John: Nice of them.
Marlena: Yes. But cruel of the writers not to make this baby Bo's. As for us, our relationship has always been based on honesty-
(John bursts out laughing.)
Marlena: You're lying about something. Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cut me off discourteously. And I have loved you so long . . .

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Bart are at the DiMera Mansion.
Stefano: Some people say I'm evil.
Bart: I wonder why.
Stefano: But this baby switch will help everyone.
(pointing wildly) You're only switching the babies because you think Hope's baby is yours.
Stefano: You're not as dumb as the rest of Salem.
Bart: Thanks, Boss.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope try to get the priest to say 'man and wife' before their baby is born.
(pulling a gun) Say 'man and wife,' already.
Priest: Man and wife.
Nurse: You have another boy. He looks a few months old, but since your sixteen-year-old looks twenty, you shouldn't mind. Now, he needs his check-up.
Hope: Can't he stay a while longer?
Nurse: No. We have to have time to switch him with the Carver baby.

MEANWHILE, Marlo flatlines.
Lexie: Who cares? Just gimme my baby!

MEANWHILE, Celeste awaits Abe and Lexie.
Celeste: I'm not looking forward to being called 'Grandma.' Since I was only two years old when I had Lexie, I'm not ready yet.
(entering) They say that talking to yourself is the first sign that you live in Salem.
Celeste: Did you get the baby? Can I move in with you and take care of it?
Lexie: No.
Celeste: Fine. But you'll be sorry some day that you didn't have me around to feel for the DiMera Aura.

End of Show
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