Tuesday, June 06, 2000

At the home of the Stripily Bearded One, Marlo is in labor.
Lexie: (on phone) Yes, Father, Hope is in labor. I'm sure she won't mind my sharing the details of her life with her family's worst enemy.
(on phone) So, soon there will be a new Brady in the world. Don't you believe I'm happy about that?

MEANWHILE, Hope is at the hospital.
Hope: Ohbohbohbohbohbohbohbo.
Lexie: What will you call the baby?
Hope: If it's a boy, John, since the last baby named John ended up being called Elvis. If it's a girl, Doc.

MEANWHILE, Nicole goes to meet Rex.
Nicole: I'm married. It's not appropriate for me to have sex with you except sometimes.

MEANWHILE, on Days 90210:
Chloe: Mimi, I know you've never been anything but mean to me, so I thought
I'd follow you around and spend more time with you.
Mimi: If you tell anyone what you saw me do tonight, I'll kill you! I already killed Belle by braining her with a pipe, just like this.
(Accidentally kills Chloe.) Oh my God. I've killed Belle and Chloe. I feel so guilty. I think I'll kill myself, too. (Hits herself over the head with the pipe.)

MEANWHILE, with the Brady Twins:
Eric: We were shocked to run into Lucas and Nicole at Green Mountain Lodge.
Sami: Why? Austin and Carrie never once went there without Lucas or Mike or me showing up.
Eric: Who cares? Let's play foosball.
Sami: No. You always beat me.
Eric: That's because that's all I did for five years when no one in Salem seemed to know where I was.
Sami: And now that you're back in Salem, you can't get close to Greta because Nicole is always around. Largely because I'm helping her get to you; aren't I a great sister?
Eric: Stop talking about Nicole! She has no power over me except the power to make really, really, want to-hey, where do you suppose Nicole is? Think I could meet her before Greta comes over?

MEANWHILE, Greta and Lucas are at the cyber café.
Greta: (on phone) Sure, Eric, I'd love to spend some time with your sister.
Lucas: You must really have it bad if you're willing to spend time with Sami voluntarily.
Greta: What are you doing here?
Lucas: Other than talking to myself in public?
Greta: Yeah.
Lucas: Surfing the net for Days pages, of course.
(reading) There's actually a samiandlucas.com?!
(proudly) Yeah. And hardly any pages for either of the Walker siblings!
(under her breath) ClayZebra does realize she's sick, right?
Lucas: She didn't make those pages, she just bookmarked them. So, Greta, do you want kids?
Greta: First I have to decide for sure who MY parents are to make sure I don't marry my brother.
Lucas: Good idea. I came to Salem thinking I was an only child and ran into four older siblings.
(They head to Sami and Eric's, where Sami chews Lucas out because she thinks he's going to take Will away.)
Lucas: Someone owes me an apology!
Sami: Who framed whom for murder here?
Lucas: Details, details.

End of Show
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