Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Welcome to Wednesday's Synopsis. Hey-six teens with speaking parts today, and none of them was Mimi!
(Yes, I even prefer Jason and Jan to Mimi.) As for Belle, thank you to Lorraine for killing her today.

At the DiMera Mansion, John knows what Hope did last summer.
Stefano: John! The prodigal son returns.
John: Oh no.
Stefano: What?
John: I just realized that I can't think of any relationships that would become incestuous if you WERE my father since Kristen was adopted, so the writers might do it.
Stefano: Well, don't blame me. You blame me for everything: your brainwashing, Hope's brainwashing, Marlena's kidnapping, and Shawn-was-Douglas-Then's kidnapping, and the twins' kidnapping, Roman spending eight years in some strange prison-
John: You did do all that.
(chuckling) That's right. And I know what you did last summer.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Larry: I got my life back because of Brandon Walker.
Lexie: That was not suspicious.
Sami: It was a little bit suspicious. What does he mean, Brandon?
Brandon: I just have a bad relationship with Abe-you know how I almost killed Austin.
Sami: Yeah! And I'm obsessed with Austin! I would never date or flirt with a man who would hurt Austin!
(goes to leave)
Larry: Wait, I want to go back to work myself. Prove to Nurse Brenda I'm not a flake.
Sami: I'm sure Nurse Brenda knows I'm the flake, not you.
Brandon: Have you given more thought to going to the strip club?
(having changed her mind about flirting with Brandon since she knows that no way will she ever get Lucas) I don't want to do it. I'm not the kind of girl who could pull that off, the kind of girl who ran away from home at seventeen and lived practically on the streets in Los Angeles and Seattle.
Brandon: Stop whining. Do you think I'm looking forward to being a pimp?
Sami: I'm pretty sure you are, actually.
Lexie: Stop being such a jerk, Abe! I work with Larry and it's my job to support him! I don't have to support you. I'm only married to you. The thing is, we live in different worlds, and I think the best thing to do for our shaky marriage is bring a child into it!

MEANWHILE, Chloe pushes Philip out of the path of a car.
Belle: Chloe, you saved Philip's life! For God's sake, *why*?!
(Chloe runs off with Belle in pursuit.)
Philip: Chloe tried to kill me?
Shawn-not-Douglas: No, she saved you. What are you, brain-damaged?
Philip: No more than most men in Salem.
(aside) I think Chloe wants Philip.
(aside) You watch too many chick flicks.
(aside) This is a soap opera. It is a chick flick.
(Chloe returns.)
All: Where's Belle?
Chloe: Well, she heard that her father and Shawn's mother had a fun time in a submarine last summer, so she decided to take a trip to the bottom of the sea. But she was sent up too quickly in a decompression chamber, and, well .
. .
Oh my God! They splatted Belle! The bastards!

End of Show
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