Thursday, May 18, 2000

Stefano and Rolf are at the DiMera Mansion.
Stefano: Donít worry about the people you saw digging a hole in Bo and Hopeís yard. Bo and Abe are nothing if not good cops.
Rolf: Guess theyíre nothing, then. Say, howís Marlo?
Stefano: She kept trying to sneak drinks, so I left her alone in a room with an unlocked liquor cabinet.
Rolf: Very intelligent of you.

MEANWHILE, with Bo and Hope:
Bo: Iíll break your neck! And despite the fact that Iím holding you and such a way that I actually could do that, I havenít realized youíre my father-in-law.
Hope: Dad! What are you doing?
Doug: Dragging around a body bag! Look in the trunk.
Hope: You just drove into my back yard? How did you avoid the canal that was here yesterday?
Abe: Thereís a tree in the body bag.
(sad) And here I was hoping it was Belle. (to Bo) Pull Abe aside and talk him into adopting.
Abe: Before you talk me into adopting, let me say that you donít know what itís like to be asked to raise a child that isnít yours.
(to the audience) Thatís called irony, folks.
(Abe, Lexie, Doug, and Julie leave.)
Hope: What did you say to Abe?
Bo: I told him the truth. Isnít the truth a good thing?
Hope: Yes, weíll always tell this baby which you fathered the truth.
Bo: Yeah.

MEANWHILE, Roman takes Sami home.
Sami: Stop yelling and pay attention to me.
Sami: Fine. If you wonít focus on me, tell me why Abe shot Larry.
Roman: It happened fifteen years ago. Abe was inexperienced.
Sami: I thought fifteen years ago you were presumed dead and Abe was too high up in the force to be a uniformed cop? And that was about the time his brother was killed?
Roman: You must have heard wrong. Now, Iím gonna go back to the strip club, and no, you canít come.
Sami: Weíll never get anywhere if Dad does everything by the book, like he did the other day when he choked the manager to get the receipt.

MEANWHILE, Brandon shows Larry his new home.
Larry: This is your crib?
Brandon: Yeah. Surprised that itís so nice?
Larry: Surprised because John used to live here, and Isabella, and Jennifer, and Frankie, and Eve, and Jack, and Emilio, and Kayla, and a bunch of other people I canít think of at the moment.
Brandon: Now, about suing Abe--
Larry: No. It will take too long. Too many appeals.
Brandon: Sami didnít get any appeals. One trial and she got the death penalty.
Larry: It isnít that important.
Brandon: Abe stole your ability top walk, your chance at a future, your happiness.
Larry: Youíre such a good friend.
Brandon: Maybe Samiís family will sue Abe if you wonít. He accidentally shot Belle to death, too.
Oh my God! He killed Belle? The bastard.

End of Show
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