Friday, March 10, 2000

Welcome to the last synopsis of my spring break. Enjoy.

Lucas and Nicole discuss Will's custody.
Lucas: Sami is a bad role model for anyone. I feel that way now, even though I've spent the past four-plus years saying that Sami's major redeeming characteristic is her love for Will.
Nicole: Will will hate you if you take him from Sami. Boys need their mothers; look what pathetic momma's boys you and Austin are, Baby.Lucas: I guess that must be true, since you're calling me by my mother's pet name for me while you're trying to get something out of me.
Nicole: Speaking of things I want out of you, build me my mansion. I deserve that; I've tried so hard to be a perfect wife. I've drunk, and I've made you make me drinks, and I've embarrassed you in front of both your Horton family and your Roberts family by drinking . . . so can't we just get rid of your son?
Lucas: Listen to me, because I'm only gonna say this once-
Nicole: This is Days. I kinda doubt it.

MEANWHILE, Sami and Austin discuss the same problem.
Sami: No judge will give me custody since I have no money, no job, no husband, and nowhere to live.
Austin: They did when you were in exactly that situation and I was in Lucas' situation three years or so ago.
Sami: Yeah, but that was three head writers ago. Please marry me, Austin, I care so much about Will.
Austin: If you cared about Will, you would have waited until you were married to have him! You were horrible to have sex before marriage.
Sami: And I know you never slept with anyone until the night you married
Carrie . . .
Austin: That doesn't make it my fault Will was born to people who hate each other.
Sami: We didn't hate each other at the time. There was some animosity, but we were good friends until I realized he was Will's father. We were really cute, too. But I do regret some of the things I've done, like how when I was fifteen I kidnapped Belle and couldn't find her special formula, so she died.
Oh my God. You killed Belle? You bastard.

MEANWHILE, at Titan:
Nikki: Kate, you need a man who can do more than just dance with you.
Kate: He can also kick the entire twentysomething generation of Salem out of his house. That was pretty impressive.
(entering) Physical therapy was great. The trainer couldn't keep up with me.
(leaving, snickering) He said "up."

MEANWHILE, in France:
Hope: Wow, I see Bo and John underneath my open window. I could yell "Hey, Bo, John, here I am, rescue me, please!" But that would be too easy.
(Kurt yanks her out of the window, then goes to Bo and John.)
Kurt: Be my guest, look around.
John: That's decent of you, Kurt. I know all about "decent;" why don't you go out for a midnight limp?
Eric: At least you got to be with your mother. I'm so glad that she was able to come to Salem and shoot at my mother and cousin and leave my aunt locked up with the man who has caused every problem my family has ever had.
Greta: I'm glad you understand.
(nobly) I forgive Shawn-not-Douglas for being upset with my mother since she kidnapped his mother, threatened his father, and threw him off a building.
Eric: You're such a forgiving, wonderful person.

End of Show
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