Thursday, January 13, 2000

Steffy and Hope are still imprisoned, and the radio announcer has picked up their signal again.

MEANWHILE, at Salem Place:
Lili: I believe that this woman is Gina and not Hope, even if Hope did fool
me once.
Greta: I understand how hard it is to fool you.
Lili: But, she is dying. You and I will return to Europe and your old friends.
Greta: What old friends? I've been in America since I was ten or twelve years old.
Lili: I said, go break up with Eric Brady.
Greta: Okay.
(arriving) Hi, I'm the guy you're dating who is here to help you find
an apartment and who has pretty obviously fallen for you after being brutally dumped by the last woman I dated.
Greta: I know I should have mentioned the gun to your family earlier to
prevent Shawn-not-Douglas and your mother from getting hurt. So, to take responsibility and keep anyone else from being hurt, I'm leaving town.
Eric: No one would be hurt if you left town?
Greta: Not that I can think of.

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion:
Nicole: (to herself) Eric is just helping Greta find an apartment so they can have someplace with privacy so he can get her into bed. His own apartment where he got ME into bed just wouldn't do. No way is Eric doing something to be nice to someone besides me.
(overhearing) You're delusional. You aren't happy.
Nicole: Look at all I have!
(entering) Actually, all of that's mine! (Smacks her.)
Austin: Victor!
Victor: If I hadn't done it, the fashion police would have.

MEANWHILE, Brandon meets Sami.
Sami: What's the point of looking good when he won't notice?
Brandon: You mean Austin?
Sami: Why would I mean Austin, just because he's the only person I've seen all day and the only person I ever talk about?
Brandon: Well, I think you look good. Let's go out.
Sami: I can't just leave. I have no job, Austin's not here and Will is at
school, and I apparently don't know about the shootings the other night, but I still can't just leave.
(She gives in and they go to the Java Café.)
Waitress: I love your outfit.
Sami: How would you know? I'm wearing a coat. Brandon, she's hitting on you by complimenting my outfit. You're a chick magnet with those big brown eyes.
Brandon: Well, if I'm a chick magnet, why don't you just start dating me
already? The sooner you date me, the sooner you can move on to Lucas. Oh, but you're thinking of Austin. How old were you when you first got a crush on him?
Sami: I forget.
(helpfully) You were fifteen.
Brandon: ClayZebra, shut up. And please stop looking for a Sami-Lucas subtext where there isn't one, okay?

MEANWHILE, Bo still hasn't taken off his wedding clothes.
Shawn-not-Douglas: Grandma said someone shot my mom.
Bo: Not someone. Me.
Shawn-not-Douglas: You may currently hold the title of stupidest person in Salem, but you're still someone.
Bo: That's not exactly what I meant, but thanks anyway.

End of Show
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