Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Steffy and Hope have tried to capture Kurt, but he has escaped and they are once again imprisoned.
Kurt: You're staying in there forever now! I tried to be nice to you,
locking you up in a cold, spider-infested room and feeding you bread and
water, but if this is how you repay me then I just don't care!

MEANWHILE, everyone else is at the hospital.
Greta: The woman that shot your mother was my mother. I can prove it.
Eric: How? That silver compact? That ribbon? That letter?
Greta: No. A pressed flower.
Eric: Just settle on ONE thing that proves that Hope is Gina, wouldja?
Bo: Would you tell me what's wrong with my son?
Doctor: That could take all day.
Bo: Physically, then.
Doctor: He can't feel his legs right now.
Bo: That's okay. Victor doesn't need the wheelchair prop anymore.
Doctor: But that's just a temporary numbness. He'll be fine.
Bo: Thank God.
(Proceeds to have flashbacks of Shawn-not-Douglas whining "When are we gonna be a family again?")
Chloe: You're obviously pretty upset. I can tell because you're in a
hospital at about three or four in the morning wearing a formal dress.
Belle: My friend is hurt. He could be paralyzed, and he's just a little older
than me! About six years older, but lately it seems more like one. The thing to remember, though, is that I am NOT his girlfriend.
(Belle goes to see Shawn-not-Douglas.)
Belle: How is he? Not that I care, mind you, because I am NOT his girlfriend. I just spend all my time with him and fantasize about dancing with him.
Nurse: He'll be fine. I'll tell him you were here; what's your name?
Belle: I volunteer here every day and am the daughter of one of the more
prominent doctors and one of the more prominent benefactors of this hospital and you don't know my name? Then I'm not gonna tell you! And my not telling you has nothing to do with my not wanting Shawn-not-Douglas to know I'm here, because I am NOT his girlfriend. Come on, Chloe, let's go get something to eat before I have to go to school.
Chloe: Bo and Hope's wedding took place at midnight on New Year's Eve, so now it would be New Year's morning. Why do you have to go to school on New Year's Day?
(They run into Bo and the others.)
Bo: Shawn-not-Douglas knew something was wrong. He tried to tell me.
All: Yes.
Bo: Doug and Julie knew something was wrong. They tried to tell me.
All: Yes.
Bo: John knew something was wrong. He tried to tell me.
All: Yes.
Bo: Mrs. H. knew something was wrong. She tried to tell me.
All: Yes.
Bo: Marlena, Hope's psychiatrist, started getting in arguments with her and consulted her colleagues and asked me to be careful and told me to postpone the wedding. You know what this means.
All: What?
Bo: That everything is Marlena's fault!!
(He goes to choke her, but mistakes Belle for her. Belle dies.)
All: Oh my God! You killed Belle. You bastard!

End of Show
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