Thursday, January 06, 2000

Hope is STILL praying.
Hope: Dear God, I don't want to get out of this jail for my own sake. I want to get out for my family's sake. Um, what were their names again?
Radio: Nous prenons un signal de detresse.
Stefano: Did you hear that?
Hope: Yeah! They actually said something in French instead of in English with a fake French accent! Let's celebrate.

MEANWHILE, most of the twentysomethings are at the Kiriakis Mansion.
(on phone) Mom, I wouldn't forget to call you on New Year's.
Brandon's Mom: Well, I wish you had forgotten. It's about three o'clock in
the morning. I'm going back to sleep.
(hangs up)
Brandon: Samantha, I know you're behind me. I have a finally-tuned sixth
sense, although I guess you wouldn't understand since you've had so few
problems, having a cop for a father. Well, I guess the one who raised you and two siblings as a single father turned out not to be your father and I guess you were kidnapped by Stefano and I guess you never knew if your parents were alive or dead and I guess in the last few years of your childhood you discovered that your mother was cheating on your father, were raped, were bulimic, and got pregnant, but still, your childhood was nothing like mine. And by the way, nice negligee.
Sami: Um, if you detected me with your sixth sense, how do you know what I'm wearing?
Brandon: It's hard to miss. You know, we're a lot alike.
Sami: You wear nice negligees, too?
Brandon: No, we just go after what we want. It isn't a bad thing.
Sami: Let's see, I've been raped, rejected, used for a green card, called a whore by my child's father, but there's no reason I shouldn't melt into the arms of a guy I only know because he's the brother of the woman who jilted my brother.
(entering) Nicole, you embarrassed me in front of my whole family.
Well, not my Horton family.
Nicole: I took care of that on Christmas Eve when I drank Doug and Julie's wine, remember?
Sami: Lucas! Did I tell you that my New Year's resolution is to get full
custody of Will?
Lucas: I'd like to see you try it. Especially if it means that the two of us
will have lots and lots of scenes together.
Nicole: Why don't you two just cut Will in half? I don't care, just keep your stupid kid away from me.
(pauses) Why aren't you laughing? My threatening your kid was a joke! I should take Lucas's money and run. I'm loaded.
Brandon: In more ways than one.
Sami: Brandon, your sister isn't happy with Lucas. Why did she marry him? And why does she always mention money when she talks about him?
Brandon: Let's just say that my sister had five million reasons to marry
Lucas Roberts.
Sami: Huh? I don't get it! Why won't you ever tell me anything, Brandon?

MEANWHILE, the Tuscany party is still going.
Nikki: Nicole didn't make that much of a scene. Breathe, Kate. Breathe.
Kate: How can I, with you in my face all the time?
Victor: I'm just glad that there's no longer a rivalry between Vivian and
Kate, now that I've made my choice. Not that the choice of one person in a love triangle ever seems to matter in Salem.
Kate: Victor! You're standing! It's a miracle!
Vivian: No, it's what happens when someone puts her energy into something besides interfering in her children's lives.
Kate: Well, since Victor has a surprise, I should have one too. I'm marrying the man I love.
Nikki: All right, let's go!
Kate: Not you!
Victor: I have no evidence the Nicholas is acting unusually toward my wife.

MEANWHILE, there's the aftermath of the wedding to be dealt with.
Roman: Eric, if you think you have the right girl, hang on to her. Greta
doesn't lie the way Nicole did, does she?
Eric: No. She lies about much more important things. Say, Greta, why have you been acting differently? Is there something you want to tell me?
Greta: Just that I have an evil twin, or maybe a good twin, running around somewhere, so try not to get us mixed up.
Gina: Greta, come here!
(Greta does.) Bo won't accept me, he acts like I'm a stranger. And just because I refused to dress, speak, eat, or act like Hope, who he thinks I am, today. It's that Shawn-not-Douglas. A son should love his mother.
Greta: He does. That's your problem.
Bo: This is awful.
Roman: Shawn-not-Douglas is only against your marriage because kids that age need to rebel. Sami certainly didn't want her parents together when she was
Shawn-not-Douglas's age. The fact that he's been saying "I wanna be a family" for years and suddenly stopped and told you why is not a warning sign.
Gina: Excuse me, I want to talk to my son alone.
(Drags him out to the
Shawn-not-Douglas, please put yourself in my position.
Shawn-not-Douglas: I can't. I'm both a Horton and a Brady. Some good
characters go bad and lock people up and take over their lives, but there's absolutely no chance of that happening with me. Really. Ask the writers.
Gina: As if the writers have ever been consistent about anything. I shall
have to solve my own problems without depending upon them.
(Pulls a gun.) Up on the ledge, Shawn-DOUGLAS! Jump or your father is a dead man, Sailor Boy!
Shawn-not-Douglas: Okay, but that's Sailor MAN to you!
(Gina goes to shoot him, but Belle runs up and takes the bullet for him. She dies.)
Shawn-not-Douglas: Oh my God! You killed Belle! You bastard!

End of Show
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