December 31, 1997

Did you miss the last episode of Days in a year shockingly full of nothing? Never fear. This is what you missed.

Austin and Billie are on their way to the party.
Austin: Grunt. Coffee. Grunt.
Billie: Grunt. Cold. Grunt. Grunt.
Austin: Has Bo . . . umm . . . spent one night with you since . . . umm . . .you got back from . . . uhh . . .Rome?
Billie: No. I told him he had to wash his hair and get rid of that pier smell. He said no.

MEANWHILE, Bo is on the pier.
Bo: On the Fancy Face, life was so simple. Just me and Hope. Or was that Carly? Or Billie? It doesn't matter. Things are so complicated. Or maybe I just have a little tiny pea brain that can't handle this. Most people understand triangles in elementary school. (sighs) Hope. Hope and I have a son. Or so I've heard. I've never actually seen the kid. I'd like to
some day, really. I just don't understand why I made love to Billie. Maybe I'm just a spineless pig.
Cop1: (arriving) Look, another lunatic talking to himself. It's epidemic.
Cop2: We could take him to the hospital.
Bo: Hey, I know you from the station. I'm Bo Brady.
Cop1: If you were a cop, we would see you at work occasionally.
Cop2: Come on. Let's go. We'll take good care of you.

MEANWHILE, John, Marlena, and Susan are planning Susan's escape.
Susan: What if the DiMeras find out what we're doing?
John: They won't. It's not like they have a history of hidden cameras and spies and stuff.
Susan: But-
John: Shut up. I need to have a fantasy sequence. (in fantasy) Oh, Doc, I love you. I knew Roman would understand. He's so happy to lose you to me for a second time.
Marlena: John, if you're done with your fantasy, we should talk about Roman.
John: You aren't having second thoughts about telling him the truth?
Marlena: Thoughts? What are those?

MEANWHILE, at the hospital
Stefano: I want to be a good father to you, Lexie. Would you like to play the Queen of the Night game? Or borrow my mirror?
Abe: DiMera, if you really were a good man, you'd help us find Peter. But we’ll find him with or without your help.
Stefano: Your shoelace is untied.
Abe: It is?
Stefano: Made you look.
(and nearby)
Eric: Mike, my dad's life is in your hands.
Mike: Say goodbye now.
Eric: Huh?
Mike: Maybe Abe can do his job without Stefano's help, but that isn't true of me.

MEANWHILE, Kristen has met Roman.
Roman: I think I know what's wrong.
Kristen: If you were that quick, no one would be in this mess.
Roman: Huh?
Kristen: Nothing. John loves another woman.
Roman: I'm sorry.
Kristen: You'll be sorrier.

MEANWHILE, the party has begun.
Sami: How could you date Lynn?! This isn't a triangle!
Lucas: Go make an appointment with your mother the shrink. You know, the one who was clueless about your bulimia and who didn't come home from Aremid when you were in labor and who made you lie to your father about her affair with John and Belle's real father? She can straighten you out.
Franco: I'm nagana say anything negadive abou Boanope agin.
Hope: You're such a good friend. But Bo loves me.
Carrie: He just thought you were with Franco.
Hope: Now he knows the truth, so he'll just brush off that whole marriage thing.
Man: Hope Williams? Billie Brady? A man named Bo was taken to the hospital. He seems disturbed. Would either of you support his story?
Hope: Well, since he loves me-
Billie: He says he loves ME-
Hope/Billie: You know, he isn't that great a catch anyway, since he's lying to someone. What a wimp. Let him rot in the hospital.
All: Happy New Year.

End of Show

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