December 22, 1997

Austin, Lucas, Carrie, Sami, and Will are going to see Santa Claus.
Austin: Carrie . . . you'll . . . feel . . . better . . . if . . . we . . .light . . . candles . . . for . . . Jack . . . and . . . Jennifer . . . at . . . midnight . . . mass.
Carrie: But, Austin, midnight is past your bedtime.
Lucas: Will, get ready for Santa. Just copy all the other kids in Salem. Can you say "I wanna be a family again?"
Austin: Sami . . . said . . . you . . . couldn't . . . take . . . Will . . .to . . . see . . . Santa.
Lucas: And you believed her?
Austin: Sami's . . . never . . . lied . . . to . . . me . . . before.

MEANWHILE, Laura, Mike, Mickey, Maggie, and Abby are also there to see Santa.
Laura: It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit with my daughter missing. I wish I were the one missing.
Mickey: You had your turn last year.
Laura: And it's even worse that Jack is being treated as a fugitive.
Mike: Yeah! He isn't a fugitive. All he did was break into Jenn's house to shoot Peter, escape from jail, and assault a ranger.
Laura: Oh, no! (she rips down a wanted poster.)
Mike: Mom, don't do that. How else will Abby learn what her father looks like?

MEANWHILE, Jack and Jennifer themselves are still in the Grand Canyon. Jack is dreaming.
Jenn: Jack, your heart is pounding.
Jack: It was just a bad dream.
Jenn: Thanks for telling me. I wouldn't have known. Your face didn't change expression at all.
Jack: I just can't believe everything you went through, and that it's my fault.
Jenn: I'm not sure I can forgive you. You married someone who put our daughter’s life in danger, and you didn't listen when the whole town, including me, told you how dangerous it was.
Jack: Wait, that was you.
Jenn: Oh yeah.
(They fall silent as a ranger approaches.)
Ranger: (to radio) Okay, I'll keep looking for that armed and dangerous Deveraux. Let's see, it would be a really good idea to walk backwards into this cave paying no attention, wouldn't it? (he leaves)
Jack: I'll go surrender and get us out of this mess.
Jenn: No! You know rangers are always shooting unarmed men with bullets in their shoulders waving white flags.

MEANWHILE, Abe has come to the Grand Canyon to help Jack.
Abe: Let's see, my wife knows where I am. It's Christmas Eve. She wouldn’t come here to surprise me, would she?
Lexie: Abe! It's Christmas Eve, so I'm here to surprise you.
Abe: That was unexpected.

MEANWHILE, Peter is trying to get to Aremid, I mean Paris, I mean Rome, I mean the Grand Canyon, as well.
Peter: I'm not that sick. Besides, Jenn can take care of me. Just because I kidnapped her, that doesn't mean she'll have a desire to cure my jungle fever with rat poison.
Stefano: (on phone) Peterrrrrr! Take yourrrrr medicine.
Peter: It isn't with me.
Stefano: Then come to Salem. A lot of people herrre would love to give you a taste of yourrrrr own medicine.

MEANWHILE, back in Salem, Bo is asleep in the Horton House.
Hope: (kissing him) Wake up.
Bo: Hope, my love. I mean, Billie. Wait a sec. Which one of you am I in love with this week?
Hope: Shhh, our son is asleep.
Bo: Look at him. You're gone for a few days, they grow a foot.
Hope: He's been living with Joey for two years.
Bo: That explains it. (he picks up the phone) Abe? They found a body in the Grand Canyon?
Hope: Poor Jenn. I can't imagine anything worse than losing the man you love. I mean, being kidnapped and beaten and losing touch with your daughter just don't compare to being separated from a guy you've been treating like dirt for three years.
Billie: (arriving) I just wanted to invite you to my mother's for Christmas Eve. That whole ornament hanging thing doesn't mean that much to you, does it?

End of Show

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